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Amsterdam Marijuana seeds

Amsterdam Marijuana seeds

Amsterdam Marijuana seeds


Amsterdam Marijuana seeds

Amsterdam Marijuana seeds NOW!!! 20 HIGH QUALITY FREE SEEDS WITH EVERY ORDER!!
What does Amsterdam Marijuana seeds seed bank offer? Amsterdam marijuana seeds seed bank offers more than 40 high quality marijuana seeds strains and cannabis seeds strains!! With our very special NEW!! marijuana seeds strains like AZURA, GANESHA’S DREAM, LIGHT OF JAH, BLUE MOON, THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT, and MARY JUANITA.
These marijuana seeds and cannabis seeds are bred by the worlds best marijuana seeds and cannabis seeds suppliers. We have marijuana seeds and cannabis seeds on stock for all imaginable situations. The marijuana seeds and cannabis seeds we supply are suitable for growing indoors, outdoor and in a green house.

This online marijuana seeds bank offer cannabis seeds straight from Amsterdam. One of the fewest original Dutch Amsterdam cannabis seeds bank that ships ANYWHERE in the world. International shipping and quality range of seeds they sell make them one of the most favourite marijuana seed bank among US, Canadian and Australian growers but also Europeans growers.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds offers complete range of indoor, outdoor and indoor/outdoor seeds as well as their own feminized marijuana seeds line. Shipped from the heart of Holland these Amsterdam seeds have high quality genetics you could expect from over-10-year-old marijuana seeds supplier. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds bank sends seeds in stealth packages usually same day or next day. Shipping is paid but they offer very unique deal no other marijuana seeds bank offers.

They give you FREE 20 seeds with every order. And it doesn’t matter how big your order is – you always get 20 FREE seeds with any pack of 10 you buy from them. This gives you 30 seeds in total for the price of 10! Those additional seeds are mixed sativas/indicas, not the finest genetics out there but still they can produce some very beautiful, healthy and thc rich plants. Very good deal even if you pay a little extra for a pack of seeds – remember that you actually get 30 seeds not 10.

Seedbank Location: Holland, Amsterdam

Who are you ?
We are a group of stoners who dedicated our lives to collect,
breed and spread the seeds around the globe,
because we believe everybody has the right to experiment
with the goodness of Mother Nature for educational,
medicinal or recreational purposes.

We run Amsterdam Marijuana seeds seedbank for more than 7 years.
We have many happy customers all over the world
who are very pleased with our excellent services.

Do you ship world wide ?

YES ! It is impossible for us to check all laws in every country, so our advice is to check your local laws about receiving cannabis seeds


Amsterdam Marijuana seeds



grow dank frosty nugs


  1. Overall Rating 11111
    Speed of delivery 11111
    Communication 11111
    Stealth Packaging 11111
    Price 22222
    Germination Rates 33333

    Fuck AMS & all they stand for. These motherfuckers need to go. Promise the world & send you an atlas. Ordered once & got ‘em, cheese fem was ok, ordered again spent 400 Euros & got fuckall. These cocksuckers are gonna meet a seriously pissed off Aussie very soon. Don’t order from these scumbags, spread the word……

  2. Overall Rating 55555
    Speed of delivery 55555
    Communication 55555
    Stealth Packaging 55555
    Price 55555
    Germination Rates 55555

    Ive ordered over 100x from these guys and i had 12 packages all together not arive due to the fucking customs agents… but i found that the germination rate was probly 70% on most orders (always caramelicious fem) ive had maybe 4 hermies, and the odd time id get a male, the free seeds ive never grown them myself, i only grow caramelicous but i have quite a few friends who arnt as picky as me. All in all AMS IS NOT A SCAM.

  3. amsterdammarijuanaseeds
    Overall Rating 55555
    Speed of delivery 55555
    Communication 55555
    Stealth Packaging 55555
    Price 55555
    Germination Rates 55555

    Amsterdammarijuanaseeds got lots over 70 marijuana strains available. Mostly high quality and feminized marijuana seeds. One of the big benefits on Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is that they will ship to USA unlike most other seedbanks. All seeds germinated here!

  4. Overall Rating 22222
    Speed of delivery 22222
    Communication 11111
    Stealth Packaging 22222
    Price 22222
    Germination Rates 22222

    now im spooked. Just placed in a order before reading reviews . will let you know what happened.

  5. All my “fem” seeds were males.. Thanks…

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