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BC Bud Depot Review

BC Bud Depot review

BC Bud Depot

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BC Bud Depot Speciality British Columbia Marijuana Seeds Delivered Discreetly World-wide



The BC Bud Depot produces the world’s best marijuana seeds with fast and discreet worldwide delivery at reasonable prices. You can order securely online at BC Bud Depo by credit card or with cash or money order payments by mail. BC Bud Depo  We take pride in developing award-winning cannabis seeds and offering the most comprehensive marijuana seed bank worldwide. We have been developing the best marijuana seeds for years and every strain we carry has earned a place in our lineup of legendary breeds. Check out some of BC Bud Depo famous Cannabis Cup winning marijuana seeds

At BC Bud Depot All of our varieties of British Columbia Marijuana Seeds are Excellent for Growing and many of them are Cannabis Cup Winners. Initially established as a Provincial Growing Association in the late 1990’s, the we now produces thousands of seeds monthly in a full range of the Province’s Best Varieties and is setting the standard for World-Wide Seedbanks.

All BC Bud Depot varieties of British Columbia Marijuana Seeds are Excellent for Growing and many are Cannabis Cup Winners. Initially established as a Provincial Growing Association in the late 1990’s, the BC Bud Depot now breeds the full range of the Province’s Best Varieties and is setting the standard as the Top Worldwide Seedbank.

Check out our Awards Page, as well as some our most famous Marijuana Seeds like:

BC God Bud (BCBD Cannabis Cup Winner), The Purps (BCBD Cannabis Cup Winner), BC Mango,
The Black, BC Sweet Tooth, and Northern Lights.

we have Great Feminized Varieties available as well as regular ones. If you are looking for the best indoor, greenhouse or outdoor marijuana seeds, with Free Delivery Discreetly Worldwide, check out our full seed bank now.

We offer only the highest quality of marijuana genetics and we guarantee they are the best. The BC Bud Depot works with professional breeders throughout the province and worldwide and is committed to producing the world’s best marijuana seeds for discreet global distribution at down-to-earth prices.

We accept cash, money order & secure online credit card payments.

BC Bud Depot Specialty British Columbia Marijuana Seeds Delivered Discreetly Worldwide

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93 thoughts on “BC Bud Depot Review”

  1. I asked BCBD for a cpl samples of their strains to showcase online, and I believe it was Matt, sent me 2 strains “The Big”, and “BC Mango”…..They were at my door in 2 weeks no questions asked…these guys are very interested in making customers happy and getting their genetics out there to the public….I’m not affiliated with anyone…just thought I would give the fellas at BCBD a BIG Thank you!! 🙂 BTW…Both of these strains are in the 7th week of flower…and both are phenominal strains that will both be added to my stable of moms! 🙂 “The Big” is covered in frost and a great yielder, and BC Mango is a great yielder and smells fantastic…..All good things too say regarding BC Bud Depot! 🙂 Thanks again fellas! 🙂

    1. Ya thats how they did it with me and then i ordered 300.00 dollars worth and recieved nothing and when i complained they threatend to give my address to the cops.

  2. HORRIBLE COMPANY! do not give them your money! They will take your money and never send you anything! Never return emails or contact you. I should have read the reviews BEFORE making my order. I ordered 48 seeds, have not seen or heard anything. When I ordered I was talking to someone who said I would receive them in 7dys… still NOTHING, and my acct says “processing” and shipping date is “Unknown”. I will NEVER order from them again. I should have stuck with other banks. I spend A LOT of money on seeds… NOT WITH BC BUD DEPOT ANYMORE! BUYERS BEWARE and stay far far away from them!!!

  3. BCBud Depot sucks. I ordered four varieties of fem seed. One variety turned out to be aiuto flowe, one was male and female mix and one failed to germinate any seeds. Get your seeds somewhere else.

  4. Don’t know why these thieves are even listed here. I wish I saw this site before sending them an order with a blank WU money order. Nothing ever sent (after 30 days), no answer to four emails. I only wish you could leave them a minus five star rating, they do not deserve the one star rating I left them.

    1. UPDATE: Blown away. Seeds arrived today. Over one month (from sending in the order to delivery) This may be due mostly to the post office. Extra seeds in order. So, other than being bad communicators (never responding to my emails) their stealth shipping was not too great. May explain why so many shipments don’t show. I left the germination rate blank as I have not germinated them yet. More to come.

  5. i don’t know whats going on all i can do is guess like the rest of us but from what i can tell theirs flat out cannabis hating shit talkers, people who understand nothing of growing cannabis or pheno types from regular seeds, and people who are not getting seed over the fact that bc offers discreet shipping not stealth shipping. there is a difference for example most places offer stealth shipping and standard but stealth costs about 10usd more and any time i bring seeds over the ocean and don’t pay the extra cash for the shipping its burns my ass each and every time i don’t spend the 10 dollars so if canada did not have such a trusted, sacred mail system within its borders i cant say the same for the rest of the world but for the most part i guess bc feels as if they don’t need inflated shipping on top of your seeds witch is great for canada and parts of the u.s. but the rest of the world how they package is nice i loved it but you can tell some people or places have to see right through it. im sorry to all of the good cannabis growing people out there facing so much horrible shit over a plant that grows from the ground like a weed in the wild it truly sickens me and i’m happy and grateful very grateful for places like bc and people like the one and only soma of soma’s sacred seeds and yes im giving soma props here because if it was not for people like soma and places like bc canada it would not be legal where im at today and its only been for the last few years now. me i love bc bud depot because i can get there seeds where i live hassle free, their genetics are really some of the best around ive grown strains from breeders all over the world (mostly europe) all i have bred by bc is bc blueberry, bc cheese, and sweet god. the sweet god i got from attitude and personally i always have germ issues from anything coming out of the u.k i think england nukes the seeds or some shit as they go in and out of the country i always have germ issues from anything in the u.k. and like i said pay the price for shipping or no show. having said that the sweet god only germs for 7 of 12 and why do i blame the u.k? well it don’t help when i decide to ignore all the shit ppl talk on bc bud depot place an order for bc blueberry with them get the seeds for less then what im used to paying so i feel ok its worth a gamble the seeds come and all 12 come out and say hi! had to kill a few dudes but i like regular females harder to get but worth it. so i got the bc cheese and same thing 12 of 12 id like to try out a few more but sadly im out of room but the sweet god i got the purple pheno really lucky on that one and i love it some of the best shit ive ever had blueberry was a personal choice of flavor mostly picked the pheno i liked most, love it and im still raising the cheese wont know who’s what for a week or 2 still but ill come back on an update if i remember. keep up the good work bc bud and if your not getting their strains that really sucks and move someplace that sucks less is all i can say. love you all! even the haters! peace!

  6. First I like to say I seen this add on high times magazine 2 page front add as soon as you open an decided to Made an account on BCBUDDEPOT.COM I placed a order the 1st day waited for order to go through an on the 2nd day it was confirmed status in my order On the 3rd day status read sent shipped. So in less than 3 days shipped that’s very fast shipping considering it was not the extra 30$ for expedited so thank you I’ll update when I receive the seeds at home hopefully within the 9-10 days they promise it will arrive they guarantee delivery an heaven. Forbid after 30days you can call me up/email em an see what’s up i have not had the need for that since my package already shipped I’m just waiting 1 day after it shipped it will be here next week till then I’ll update my status an let you know how it goes
    All I can say is get you’re medical card I think it helps with you getting the shipping sent faster (:
    Cause if you’re a legal medical patient there no harm being done here (:

    1. Update!
      My steeds arrived in the package all 12 seeds arrived in very good condition thank you BCBUDDEPOT
      I already started the germination process they should be done by next month!
      thank you very much and also for the special code to get more free seeds with my next big order.
      If anyone is having doubts about their seeds coming in the mail to them all I can say is get your medical marijuana card and treat this company with respect and I promise you’re seeds will arrive
      Take care
      happy Day!!
      Ps if you pay extra for the expedient shipping
      They said it also comes with tracking
      I live in the state of California and the seeds arrive within six days of shipment all In all this company gets a 10 out of 10 ⭐️

  7. do not order from these guys ,i got hash plant stated is was done sept 15 not ready till 3rd week of oct ,u- purple stated end of sept no where even close to that date more like nov 15 thy ,blue berry sept 15th more like oct 15 ,these loser’s are jokes














  9. With so many bad reviews I was leery of making an order.But I decided to see for myself,I placed my order and got an email from BC Bud Depot confirming it.The seeds got here to Alberta 2 weeks later but I’m just glad I got the seeds.Now I just need to have them grow but that won’t be for a few months.
    Would I buy from them again? Yeah,I think I would.







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