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Bonza Seeds Review

Bonza Seeds Review

Bonza Seeds Review
Bonza Seeds Review


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Do you sell single cannabis seeds or packets?

Bonza Seeds specialise is selling SINGLE / pick and mix cannabis seeds. You can buy a single seed from all your favorite strains Pick N’ Mix or in unlimited quantities All prices displayed on our website are PER SEED. You can pick ‘n’ mix any seeds you want in any quantity. we pack seeds into clearly labelled packets for your convenience.

Please note that if you want to buy full packet quanities & would like to receive your seeds in the original breeders packaging please state this on the order comments section when placing your order so we can happily oblige!

Get a HUGE ‘variety’ for your £££ / $$$ / $AUD / EUR

We charge only one low cost flate rate shipping cost per order. If you order 1 single seed or 100 seeds you pay only one low postage cost. All single seeds are packaged individually labelled secure packaging

Why don’t you offer EVERY seed breeder / brand ?

Bonza Seeds believe in only offering the highest quality seeds which is why we have carefully selected only the cannabis seed brands available on our website. We want to make sure that you get the very best genetics & the highest quality, most viable seeds. We add new seed breeders seed ranges all the time but ONLY after they have met with our stringent quality requirements. There are 100s of cannabis seeds on to choose from, something for EVERYONES tastes so go check out our available seeds now!

Can I order from the country that I am resident in?

We ship everywhere where it is legal to do so, but we strongly recommend you check your country and state laws to check that you can legally purchase the products we sell. All products sold on the website are legal for sale in the UK and Europe.

We cannot be held responsible for persons who choose to act in conflict with their national laws and we do not encourage anyone to do so.


Are cannabis / marijuana seeds legal to grow? If not why do you sell them?

In the UK and Europe it is legal to own, buy and sell cannabis seeds but it is ABSOLUTELY ILLEGAL to germinate and cultivate them under national drug laws. Each country has its own drug laws which are constantly changing, so we suggest you research your own local laws as a matter of urgency & ALWAYS obey your countries/State laws

Bonza Seeds seeds are sold as genetic preservation novelty souvenirs, to help protect the cannabis gene pool for future use and research. Where cannabis cultivation is illegal we suggest storage of seeds until changes to laws. As our customer you agree to indemnify & it’s agents/employees from any legal issues arising from your purchase. Check your laws & abide by them fully

We do not wish to incite any person(s) to break any laws. All text, images & video is provided on our website for information purposes only.

What type of currency and payment do you accept? 

Online credit card payments are in Pound Sterling (£).  Prices are also quoted (but not charged) in Euros (€) and US Dollars ($).  Please do not expect the amount to be exact, as different banks have different exchange rates and/or fees.

How long will it take  my Bonza Seeds  order? 

Generally UK orders are received within 1-3 working days.  Orders to Europe are received within 3-14 workings days and orders to the rest of the world within 7-21 workings days.  We would appreciate your patience when waiting for orders so please only get in touch if your order is getting towards the end of these times or if it has passed.  We will then do our best to help.

What is the safest way of paying? 

You can pay by (see payment page for full details)

– Credit & debit cards

– CASH at your local store (worldWide)

– Online bank transfer

– Neteller ewallet

Paying by CASH using UKASH is the saftest way of paying us as its annonymous and treated like cash so you never expose yoru credit card details. Paying by credit or debit card is also safe. We use high encryption 256 – bit Secure Socket Layer technology, which means your payment is entirely safe. .

We DO NOT SEE OR STORE YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS as this is handled by our card processor. your transaction is 100% safe & secure at all times

How do you send out my order? 

All orders are sent discreetly.  When an order arrives we carefully package your seeds into individual CRUSH PROOF TUBES with are free from any DNA which could contaminate seeds.

If ordering from outside of Europe we will package your seeds into crush resistant STEALTH packaging so your order will get to you in good time & in top condition

Your name and address, only are printed onto on the envelope & nothing else ensuring total discretion.  Seeds are normally sent with a portion of the original breeders packaging but this is not always possible.

This gives you complete peace of mind that the seeds you receive are 100% genuine & valid from the specified seed breeders you have ordered

How do we know that you are a legitimate company & Do you have a shop, warehouse or a place where we can visit?

We sell to thousands of customers WorldWide every month & although we don’t like to get big headed about… the fact is our customers LOVE US! 

Why? because we offer the abssolute best customer service available from any other seedbank. From the minute you place your order were here to help. We always reply to support emails with 24 hours (usually less than 3 hours) & work hard to make sure you are amazed with our service. TRY US FOR YOURSELF!

We are a mail order company so we do not take visitors to our premises but we are easily contactable through the contact section or this website or call us to have a chat!

How do I know if my order was successful and you ‘ve posted my order?

When you place and pay for your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing your order number & details of the ordered items. If you have any queries about your order, please quote your order number when contacting us. We will send you another e-mail containing your tracking details for your package

If I want to buy large amounts, do I get a discount? 

Yes we sure d… just  contact the friendly folk at our offices with your requirements for attractive discounts on all orders over £250

Are postage costs included in the price of the seeds?

No, you will be charged for postage separately and according to what you are ordering and where you are having your order sent to.

Please see the Shipping page for options & prices. We charge only 1 flat rate shipping charge regardless of how many seeds you order & we NEVER inflate shipping charges. The price you pay for shipping is exactly the price it costs to package & post your seeds. We are proud of our delivery success rate, see below:

UK                 =  100%   Delivery success of all orders

Europe         =  99.88%  Delivery success of all orders

Worldwide    =  99.12% Delivery success of all orders

Our customers constantly rate us as the most TRUSTED & RELIABLE cannabis seed company in the World



2.56/5 (9)
3.11/5 (9)
2.44/5 (9)
2.89/5 (9)
3.11/5 (9)

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25 thoughts on “Bonza Seeds Review”

  1. Hello,
    I’ve done about 8 orders to Australia from bonza and every single one has turned up fine in about 10-14days. While I haunt grown them all yet, I sprouted a bunch of fems approx 15 and all except one terminated, I contacted them NICELY, and told them that one didn’t germinate and they were fine, they said they would send some extra seeds on my next order which they did, sent 2 free seeds to replace, the fems all grew well but I had to get rid off them all just as I had put them into flower, can’t say how the buds would of turned out but they all looked good to me, I’ve also sprouted about 6 -7 autos which went very good but they were grown outside in winter So yeah, covered in trichs and sticky as but all scraggly, except 2 which didn’t care about the cold and frost, they grew really good, nice chunky.buds, I like them because they always use stealth packaging, even if u order one seed, it used to be free postage but now I think it’s like $5 for international post, also they always have freebies, I got 12 quality freebies for spending £50, they often have 15,20% off sales with freebies on top.
    So if your looking to try out a new strain but don’t want to spend money on a whole packet then this site is perfect, I’ve compared there prices to seedsman and with swordsman postage and stealth packing costs, they work out to be about the same price in the end.
    I really like, plus they will answer questions about growing,germinate, strains that best suit your area(for outdoor) and don’t give you the line about we can’t answer questions like that, were a souvenir company, anyway, all thumbs up from me.







  2. Just got first order product seems ok but packaging is awful these guys mist be very anal to make what should be a simple matter co complex.







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