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Gage Green Genetics Review

Gage Green Genetics Review

All Gage Green Genetics undergo extensive breeding techniques to create the most prized and potent strains available. Our strains are high yielding and vigorous for the new and seasoned growers alike. Our collection includes the rarest and most authentic genetics in the industry. Gage Green Genetics cultivates cannabis seeds with the same passion and care for the plants because healthy seeds come from healthy plants.

Gage Green Genetics Review
Gage Green Genetics Review

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Gage Green Genetics MISSION is to provide outstanding quality cannabis to medical marijuana patients on a consistent basis. We offer our handcrafted seeds to a diverse group of growers who rely on top shelf quality every cycle. Utilizing the finest means and methods with champion lineage is a mainstay and must have in all our endeavors. We compete with ourselves everyday to create the best medicine!

Gage Green Genetics

Gage Green Genetics can be purchased at a medical marijuana dispensary or seed distributer near you! We currently distribute to local dispensaries (Harborside) and seedbanks (Attitude and Sensible Seeds). If you are a provider or a patient that needs medicine, please contact us. We’d like to help.

About Gage Green


Gage Green GeneticsĂ‚ MISSION is to provide outstanding quality cannabis to medical marijuana patients on a consistent basis. We offer our handcrafted seeds to a diverse group of growers who rely on top shelf quality every cycle. Utilizing the finest means and methods with champion lineage is a mainstay and must have in all our endeavors. We compete with ourselves for the best!

Gage Green Genetics PROCESS is organic and natural. Our products do not contain artificial chemicals or hormones because patients are our first priority. Our state-of-the-art technique is exceptional in all aspects of growing and breeding.

Gage Green Genetics DESIRE is your success.
Gage, a name Louis Armstrong used for marijuana, inspired Jazz and Blues artists to deliver their beloved melodies to the hearts of people around the globe. In the same way, Gage Green has been inspired to cultivate unparalleled medicine for patients seeking the best cannabis.

Located in Sunny California, USA, we strive to uphold the quality people expect in our cannabis products. Personal experience has shown us that California has the dankest buds in the world and we are in the forefront of that movement. Our products never compromise and are suitable for those who value quality and perfection.

We are a responsible and environmentally-conscious organization that strives to bring about positive change in the neighborhoods and societies we impact. We want to set a new standard for the cannabis industry; not only providing the highest quality cannabis products, but also making the world a better place to live in Gage Green Genetics.




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14 thoughts on “Gage Green Genetics Review”

  1. high guys, i was gifted a pkt of grape stomper by gage green genetiks at xmas 2010,i vegged them for 6 weeks till showed sex then after 5 weeks of flower they all changed sex and hermied big time,i contacted GGreen and Mike wanted pics of the seed pkt 4 months after purchase,i mailed 8 times to GGGenetiks,and they asked me to buy another pkt and were not very concerned to say the least,ive read lots of diarys of there gear and not 1 happy grower everybody had mostly hermie probs,just like to give decent people a heads up and to be very carefull,theres lots of well established breeders and companys out there ,not like these fly by night money making companys,avoid gage green genetiks is my opinion,regards

  2. Gage Green is fantastic. they got so many bomb strains and no hermies ever. me and my boys have all grown Gage Green gear and never had a problem.. maybe you need to get your grow room more dialed in?

  3. I’ve only had great experiences with all my Gage Green runs. I have found 3 out-of-this-world phenotypes that are all going for $4000 at the clubs! I would definitely recommend their service for noobs and experienced growers.

    They’ve also been quick to answer any of my questions, i will definitely try to get my hands on some of that Grape Stomper x OG when they come out.

  4. I have personal experience with 3 genetics and can only say great things about my time spent growing and breeding w/ their killer genetics I will continue to support gage green and defend my words at the drop of a hat if I have to .

  5. to the dude that posted the negative review..

    first of all you got that pack of Grape Stomper via Riot Seeds not Gage Green directly so what you recieved was a pack of Riot Seeds Grape Stomper S1’s. if you do a quick google search before douching out next time you’ll see that Riot seeds are known for very high hermie ratios per pack. negative experiences with Riot Seeds are becoming easy info to find now a days so you got screwed by Riot Seeds not Gage Green Genetics.

    i’ve personally never seen a herm flower on anything i’ve recieved from Gage Green and i consider their work to be very dependable. Riot Seeds, on the other hand, is a totally different story.

  6. Gage Green Genetics is the real deal folks! GGG is working with absolutely fire genetics and putting out stable and potent hybrids! I have ran a handful of their strains and I would be lying if I said anything bad! Consistent performance and among the plants and always quality! I will continue to support Gage Green Genetics and purchase the work they put out! Some serious DANK here….. Can’t go wrong!!

  7. im a chronically ill patient in the uk when can we see some more grape stomper bx at the attitude?i missed thejuly release?been searching and coughing my gts up ever since trying to find them,although thanx for the mendo montage seriously are they so rare as to u only released 2 packets to the tude?glad i got one of them woohoo!!

  8. so glad i got the LA Haze from ggg, they’re seriously releasing fire. keepers in every pheno with spectacular potency and frost. this stuff is hard to get, i’ve been trying to get their shit but it sells out too fast. everything with Grape Stomper that i’ve seen has blown my mind. keep up the awesome releases!

    connoisseur quality

  9. Just bought the Bright moments off of the Tude and got 12 seeds, 100% germ. This is my third Grape Stomper hybrid and if it is anything like the Grape Stomper OG and the BX, this will be some top-shelf medicine. Also got the Lemon Stomper, Leia OG, and Burgundy. I have an entire room of gage green keepers that I just might keep in my garden forever.

    HIGHly recommended by this veteran grower of 25 years. This seed co is easy to work with and has given me better results than almost all of the seeds i’ve grown out in the past.

  10. I thoroughly stress tested my GSOG and I couldn’t get those girls to herm. Same with the LA Haze, which is a personal fave of mine.

  11. Hello, I am writing in hopes of getting my hands on two strains. I live in Hawaii, and also have a medical license to grow my own medicine. I have been on the waiting list for seeds of the wonderful strain called “Grape Stomper” for over 7 months through Attitude Seed bank. Can I purchase seeds directly from you?
    I am interested in the following 2 strains.

    White Funk
    Grape Stomper

    Please e mail me back as soon as you have time.
    Thank you

  12. Eye wonder why use different alias members of GGG….







  13. Almost all strains are out, will we be restocking or moving on to other strains?







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