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Gorilla Seed Bank Review

Gorilla Seed Bank Review 3.18/5 (1)

Gorilla Seed Bank Review



Gorilla Seed Bank Review

Gorilla Seed Bank Review


Gorilla Seed Bank Review

Keep it Genuine … Keep it Gorilla!

Gorilla Seed Bank may be relatively young, however with more than 40+ years’ cannabis seed experience shared between its founding members, you won’t find any beginners here.

Based in the UK but with a worldwide spread, the Gorilla group have had their hairy hands in projects since they were cannabis seed babies, but having surged to the pinnacle of the cannabis industry, and had success in their own fields, we have chosen to come together to form a cannabis seed ‘super-group’.

Gorilla Seed Bank on a Mission

“Gorilla’s objective is to supply nothing but the very best of the very best, to each and every consumer at all times: the best seeds, of the very best quality, from the best breeders and at the very best prices. All wrapped up in a totally trustworthy and reputable service.”– Head Gorilla

By constantly forging ahead, Gorilla Seed Bank will see to it that each and every customer has a first class experience now and in the future.

Where’s Gorilla Seed Bank going?

Gorilla Seeds has a remarkable team who are extremely passionate about their industry.

They are continuously looking into, testing, enhancing and developing everything: from Gorilla’s choice of cannabis seeds, to their telephone manner and Gorilla impressions!.

What Exactly is Gorilla Seed Bank’s Goal?

The supreme goal of Gorilla Seed Bank is to end up being the first place every marijuana seed fan comes for marijuana seeds, because they understand it is the source to come for the finest deals, the best quality seeds and the finest service anywhere.

This Gorilla Means Business.

World Wide Shipment, Cheaper than Rhino & Attitude too!

Not only does Gorilla Seed Bank provide cannabis seeds all over the world, however he likewise has the very best prices on marijuana seeds. All rates on Gorilla Seed Bank are in between 10 and 20 % Cheaper than seeds offered on Rhino or Attitude. Please contact us and we’ll rectify ASAP if you spot an item that’s not at least 10 % Cheaper.



  1. I’ve been dealing exclusively with Gorilla Seeds since I got interested in growing. Granted, they tend to need a little nudge (an email to customer service following your order placement usually does the trick) but they want you to be satisfied with your seed buying experience. My first order was 5 regular THC Bomb from Bomb seeds. Gorilla sent them in a discreet mailer and I received them 10 days after my cash payment was acknowledged. Again, let them know you sent cash so they will be on the lookout for it.
    My second order went a little bad. I expressed my dissatisfaction with a freebie seed that was crushed (presumably by packaging it in a resealable plastic bag and shipping that in a tight wrap with seeds that were sealed in metal cases). I was quickly send five seeds of that strain and five each of four other strains that I had ordered one each of on the same order, bred by Advanced Female Seeds.
    FYI, The crushed seed was Critical, an autoflowering feminized seed from Feminised Seed Company, Gorilla Seedbank’s own breeders. The others that I was given replacements for were from Advanced Female Seeds, Rhino Seedbank’s own breeders. If you compare the two seedbanks, you may notice similarities. Rhino belongs to the husband and Gorilla was put together for the wife, by the husband. I can’t recommend buying from either or avoiding either unless you are buying seeds from breeders that you are familiar with. In that case, you may really enjoy buying from Gorilla. They will look into getting seeds that they don’t advertise. Their prices are the best that I’ve found and Gorilla’s seed finding menu is awesome….







  2. Expensive, rude and arrogant. I don’t know who paid these other reviews, though I can imagine, unless they’ve never used Attitude, Pick and Mix Seeds or bought direct from breeders. Gorrilla are way down the list.

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    • EL Salvatore has posted this review, not as a customer buy as a facebooker who didnt like another facebookers image and became abusive. check the gorillas facebook and se for yourself. take this review with a pinch of salt!

      • Actually you obnoxious runt, I was a customer, I left reviews on the strains at the time, thanks for the perfect example of the attitude from this company.

        • the comments are on facebook for everyone to see m8. similar to the last one. if you were indeed are a customer then come back to me on fb with a valid complaint and order number – ill sort you out and quickly!

  3. I placed my order five days ago and payed via western union four days ago.however the website has not yet agknowledged my payment. I have sent the company a “nudge” email so fingers crossed ill keep you guys posted

  4. so as i posted earlier there were a few problems with the company not receiving payment. but thanks to expert customer service(gavin) in c.o . the problem is fixed order is on way and gavin tossed in a free seed for the trouble this gorilla seeds is legit!

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