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Green house Seeds Review

Green house Seeds Review

Green house Seeds

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The Green House Seeds Company is the most successful cannabis business in the world.

Winner of many international awards (32 High times Cannabis Cups, 17 Highlife Cups, and many more private awards in many countries), it is leader in cannabis genetics.

Arjan, at Green house Seeds owner and founder, has been acclaimed The King of Cannabis for his amazing record of cannabis prizes won throughout his carreer. He has always been committed to create the best genetics in the world, and to ensure that the growers choose the best genetics, based upon their location, logistics and personal knowledge.

Arjan started collecting genetics and landraces from all over the world 25 years ago, and the hunt is still on! (

Green House Seeds Company genetics are the result of years of intensive breeding. All strains have exceptional medicinal as well as recreational properties, as well as particular terpene profiles guaranteeing unique aromas and flavors.

If you come to Amsterdam please visit Green House seeds Shops and ask for a seed catalogue! We will be happy to advise the best for your needs. Or, if you live too far from Amsterdam to pay a visit, check our online shop on (No sales of seeds to USA, sorry!)

Arjan & the Green House seeds Company team



  1. Reply VC April 14, 2012 at 2:35 pm

    I paid $140 for 10 Fem’d Himalayan Gold, through Attitude and got several UFO freebees. 10+yr medical grower here, and NONE of the seeds germinated, even the DNA genetics UFO’s… I’m not sure what the fuck is gling on over @ GreenHouse and/or Attitude but the gear I got bad bunk as fuck. I’ll never do business with either company again, thats for damn sure.

  2. Reply brashmarko June 4, 2012 at 10:29 pm

    I got a mixed pack of seeds the 5 seeds the colour coated ones and 1 seed germ. White Ryhino the second pack was another 5 pack of Jack Herer 3 germ. and now they are alll looking so good cant wait for them to finish. I also got some DNA seeds thier Kandy Kush it was a 5 seed pack and 3 germ. and these ladies are all over 5 feet tall and they look great

  3. Reply jonnybgoode September 23, 2012 at 12:21 am

    Ordered 3 or 4 times at Greenhouse and had only one bad batch of seeds. The second 3 pack of Jack Herer was either too old or wrong stashed or whatever the problem was .. 2 broke open but stopped sprouting, one did nothing.. I took pix of these seeds and contacted Greenhouse – I got 3 bags of 3 seeds of my choice as a make up. All of those germed . So I can’t complain at all.
    Strains I like a lot so far are Jack Herer, Himalaya Gold (awesome yield) and esp. the White Widow … fruity, sticky with the best finger hash I smoked so far. Also like their Automatics- easy to grow and all around nice- yielding 20 to 25 grams on average – 35 to 55 grams with a regular strain under 400 watt on soil. Not bad imo.
    Reliable, good freebies and very reasonable prices – 5 Euro per seed on average is fair imo.
    The only company offering good strains as cheaper seeds I can think of is female seeds.
    Even IF Sensie sSeds Jack Herer or White Widow may be EVEN better, their versions are good enough for me and I don’t want to pay 150 Euro to be able to grow a Jack Herer plant – They offer 10 seeds minimum order for 150 Euro, I paid 17 euro for mine at GHS, so let’s stay real !

    If anyone wonders why I rate overall higher than individual points it is that overall each plant got me very high, tasted great and I feel they treated me very good – Price-quality-service all together make me a very satisfied customer. My number one seed supplier, waiting for their Landraces seedbank…

  4. Reply Mayers December 25, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    All I see here,are bunch of schmucks,that don’t know how to ‘germinate’ seeds.
    and that’s it.
    Never had an issue with GHS.And i put the seeds str8 into soil,like ‘green o matic’ said,
    all sprout,all nice bushy plants..
    So far I tried HG,WS,WW,and yesterday I got the ‘el Nino’-I’ll give it a go in a month or so,when my sensi seeds ‘early skunk’ finishes
    oh,and btw,
    I grow for 3 years only.
    yes i’m a noob.
    but at least i can germinate seeds the proper way..

  5. Reply Chuck March 16, 2013 at 11:09 pm

    Great strains for the price. Stick with original breeders like GHSC.

  6. Reply Rusty March 25, 2013 at 12:06 pm

    I have had nothing but SUCCESS with GHSC. GREAT prices. Reliable genetics. Keep up the great work Arjan and Franco. Fuck the haters!

  7. Reply OrdinaryAverageGuy August 28, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    One thing I learned after all these years of being on the net is to take other peoples “expertise” with a grain of salt. It seems that every second gardener is a 20 year genius that scoffs at anyone else’ suggestion that they might have done something wrong to achieve such dismal germination rates or poor quality smoke. I would be wary of know it all’s. As for me, although I just started some babies, I had only 2 out of 16 feminized seeds not take. One did not pop at all and the other did not root properly, (possibly my own fault for burying to shallow or deep), all the other seeds are well on their way and are looking great so far.

    While it is possible that there might be some bad batches in all the tens of thousands of seeds these guys sell, I wouldn’t be surprised that most of these failures are the result of impatient individuals that refuse to follow instructions or expect absolutely perfect outcomes. Perhaps some of these ladies will go bad despite my best efforts but that’s how these things go and anyone not new to this game should realize this and not automatically assume there is some grand conspiracy.

  8. Reply Cameron March 25, 2014 at 8:34 am

    purchased 50seeds from Greenhouse Seed Co – had 100% germination and my seedlings thats about 13days old is loooking so awesome!!!!

    Keep it up Arjan and team…

  9. Reply Jobsleepeters April 1, 2014 at 7:11 pm

    PLaced an order this week 22/03/2014.

    Received my order – the pack of 5 super lemonhaze. Untouched, unopened and completely empty??

    Just paid over 40E for packaging.

    Have contacted them twice about this and they ignore.

    Quick to take your order & money but have no quality control in place – be very aware, so many other companies offering a more reliable service – stay clear of


    IN response to my previous post – Ha I am an eejit, stealth packaging, implies plain packaging but also, contents politely hidden.

    so changing ratings, unable to delete old post.

  10. Reply isaac neal June 1, 2014 at 10:24 am

    ive used green house as far back as the doctor never had any problrms if so it was my own human hier trying like hell to get juan to send me some new stuff for the hills of ky greenhouse rocks strain hunters to you guys fuckin rule.







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