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Hemp Depot Review

Hemp Depot Review

Hemp Depot Review

Hemp Depot Review
Hemp Depot Review

Hemp Depot


Hi, I’m Joe from Hemp Depot and I’m a BeanHo (bean hoarder)! from
I’ve been collecting seeds and growing for over 25 years. I love the plant… what can I say. The range of flavors and highs are mind-boggling and I just can’t seem to stop wanting to try more strains. With literally hundreds of moms, I have decided to release some crosses that I’ve made for myself, to the public for limited release.

At Hemp Depot there will be some original work coming out in the next little while as well as some crosses with the Bubba, King, and OG kush’s. Not to forget the crosses with a killer Jack Herer, NL#5 x Haze, Iranian Indica, some old school Columbian Gold and a bunch of African strains I collected myself from the dark continent.
Stay Tuned!


Hemp Depot *** SSH Male
All seeds in this run were fathered by a vigorous and resinous SSH male, 2003 stock from Mr Nice seeds. The male has proven not to be too dominant in the crosses (letting the moms special traits to shine) as well as provide a nice range of killer phenos for a wide choice of mom selection. Being that the SSH is an unstable hybrid, most crosses will have a finishing time that varies by a few weeks and you may get the odd freaky Haze pheno and the odd freaky fast phenos… thats part of the fun! On average, the male tends to add about a week to 10 days of flowering to most of the Indica moms and take a week off, most of the sativa moms. Ideally (but not necessarily) the plants should be grown to sexual maturity, then cloned. Rooted clones can be put into flowering with little or no veg time (saving the normal 1 to 2 week veg time). All the SSH crosses tend to be very vigorous and a bit stretchy. Perfect for screening with seed plants, or flowering short clones.

Hope you enjoy Hemp Depot!

Hemp Depot

Overall Rating44444
Speed of delivery3.793.793.793.793.79
Stealth Packaging3.933.933.933.933.93
Germination Rates3.583.583.583.583.58


  1. Overall Rating 55555
    Speed of delivery Not Rated
    Communication Not Rated
    Stealth Packaging Not Rated
    Price Not Rated
    Germination Rates Not Rated

    Right. Ordered twice from these folks and got what I asked for ASAP. But the what, when, where and how did they grow is NOYB. I have (had) NO problems with these people.

    But. ah yes, a BUT! They have appeared to have changed their name from a numbered company (as it was last year, 2013) and are now called “H. Depot”. Hm?? Makes me wonder. But, wtf, right? –I hope so!!– I will place another order here and will report back.

    oooo, wait!, I see a chipmunk!!!

  2. Overall Rating 55555
    Speed of delivery 44444
    Communication 55555
    Stealth Packaging 55555
    Price 55555
    Germination Rates 55555

    Never any problem with Hemp Depot, when Joey Weed was there bought a lot of different stuff and never a problem, was just checking it out the other day and saw some things I might want to try in the near future. Never a problem for me and some good breeders.

  3. Overall Rating 11111
    Speed of delivery 11111
    Communication 11111
    Stealth Packaging 11111
    Price 11111
    Germination Rates 11111

    Be careful are scammers i never received my seeds.

  4. Overall Rating 55555
    Speed of delivery 55555
    Communication 55555
    Stealth Packaging 55555
    Price 55555
    Germination Rates 55555

    I have alway’s had good luck with my beans from Brad at hemp Depot. They came in and old ## ####. Will return again and Again.

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Overall Rating
Speed of delivery
Stealth Packaging
Germination Rates