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Pot Pimp Review

Pot Pimp Review

Pot Pimp Review

Pot Pimp

Pot Pimp

Due to recent events the administration of Pot Pimp would like to apologize to everyone who was effected by ripz and his bad business practices, over inflated ego and verbal diarrhea. Ripz would like everyone to believe that he has been arrested hence his disappearance. The truth is i resigned in July and from August onwards it has come to my attention that ripz was selling fake genetics which means he had planned to scam everyone and vanish abandoning the website. Ripz is probably thinking he is clever but he is way too dumb to even realize he was probably given the best chance of ever actually making something of his pointless existence but chose to steal from everyone instead. karma will catch up with you one day and you will be hiding like a low life scum bag for the rest of your days.

Pot Pimp

i would like to take this opportunity to ask all other forum administrators of Pot pimp to check the following information against their databases

  • last ip used by ripz

  • believed to be ripz or an associate

  • wellsd2003@yahoo.co.uk

Now the worthless piece of shit has gone i can focus on doing what i see as being right without my hands tied behind my back like they always were.

Caveat emptor, Pot Pimp seedbank can not recommended by Best Seed bank due to excessive complaints, and unethical practices.

Pot Pimp

Pot Pimp

Overall RatingNo Ratings
Speed of deliveryNo Ratings
CommunicationNo Ratings
Stealth PackagingNo Ratings
PriceNo Ratings
Germination RatesNo Ratings


  1. I was a mod at PP from Jumpstreet. I saw alot of shady shit go down before I finally left. My mistake was believing Ripz over other peeps. I got some free beans and met some cool peeps while there but I eventually he rippzed me off too. I believed him over alot of good people and I regret it. He had me making F2’s of alot of stuff while I was there. I found out he was selling them as Breeder F1’s. He also robbed me of 20pks of one of my crosses.I find out later he sold them for $100/pk.Was he busted? Who knows..Is he a liar and a thief…You bet your *ss!

  2. $600 mailed off 4/13. It’s a shame that 1 star is the minimum. If the proprietor never mailed what you paid for, how do you judge the speed or packaging? I too was there from the beginning. Some little bitches will never know loyalty and honor. Don’t get taken by this poser.

  3. 2010/02/07 at 8:53 pm excellent service

    ripz and the fam at potpimp kno how to show the love


    I wouldnt recommend ripz to wash my car. this guys a thief and his sites a joke. he a steal anything thats not nailed down

  4. This is one of those AVOID at all cost sites. The owner Riz is just that a ripoff artist. Doesn’t send products and will not answer pms. This guy has stolen money and seeds from more people than anyone I’ve seen. Best bet to avoid at all costs, DC…..

  5. Ordered 4 packs of seeds, sent out my payment international registered express, ya know that 28 dollar method and never got my order. he ended up sending me a pack of beans as a consolation prize… can’t say it was a good experience.

  6. U R a stealing, Lying, dirtbag………I put it in the mail,,,ya horseshit,,then you say you resent it and then ban me from the room

  7. sent money order never received beans. enuff said

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Overall Rating
Speed of delivery
Stealth Packaging
Germination Rates