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Sacred Seed Review

Sacred Seed Review

Sacred Seed Review

Sacred Seed

Sacred Seed

Sacred Seed – Exotic Seed And House plant Shop

Specializing in medicinal, rare, and otherwise intriguing plants.
Welcome! Sacred Seed is Toronto’s primary medical/exotic plant seed shop and your best source for herb seeds! Sacred Seed’s Toronto seed store has been serving medical seed growers and researchers kindly and reliably since 2002. We carry a huge variety of medicinal plant seeds from all over the world, and as weather and other factors permit we also provide many very interesting growing plants, dried herbs, cacti (cactus plants), and other related products and information. Come visit our wonderful little seed store and explore the medical plant wonders of Nature!

We work hard to ensure the quality and origin/authenticity of everything we sell. There’s nothing more important to us than customer satisfaction. We purchase seeds only from highly respected seed breeders and their official distributors, and keep seeds in their original packaging (and quantity per package), whenever possible.

All of our products are intended and sold for legal and safe use only, of course. Some seeds, or the plants they can produce, may be toxic, and some may be illegal in various circumstances or areas of the world. Our intention is to provide a reliable, informative and compassionate source of medicinal plant seeds for people who are authorized medical patients / growers / researchers / dealers in accordance with Canadian, and international, law. Any purchase involves a certification by our customer that they have legal authorization to possess what they are buying, as well as an agreement that our customer will not act in conflict with any law. While we aim to provide as much information as possible, it is the responsibility of every customer to avoid any unsafe or improper use.

Sacred Seed

Overall Rating4.
Speed of delivery4.
Stealth Packaging3.
Germination Rates55555


  1. The only place that I but from. If you are in the GTA area stop in. They will spend tons of time with you. Get an education on the seedy seed business, where they come from who the main wholesalers are etc….

    End of the day I bought mk ultra, 10 out of 10 sprouted 7 females, 2 phenoms.

    On the way out he said he got from free seeds from their supplier in DAM, so he passed them on to me, Mako Haze, WOW.

    If mail order get in contact first ask question response is promp and helpfull

  2. not overly impressed with sacred seed – everything about them could do with work – im still looking for a decent supplier

  3. I bought Seeds from here about 3 times. i got AK-47,Bubble gum, white russian, chocolope, mango indica, super haze and power plant all of them in original packaging from seed companies. all work out well, just wish they deal with more automatic flowering companies. 4 of 5

  4. Ripped off customer

    Very unsatisfied. Bought some of their dried herbs for gemini cricket on two occasions. Guess what…neither their amanita muscaria nor their hawaiian woodrose seeds had any effect on gemini cricket when he tried them. The dude is not helpful whatsoever and their dried herbs seem to have been sitting in the store for too long. nt sure about their other products, but just a lil heads up to you disney characters out there, you will regret wasting your money like gemini cricket on these two just mentionedd

  5. Overall Rating 44444
    Speed of delivery 44444
    Communication 44444
    Stealth Packaging 22222
    Price 33333
    Germination Rates Not Rated

    I’ve been into the store on many occasions. The guy there has always been cool with me. Most recently I picked up a pack of White Widow seeds and they came sealed from Greenhouse in thier original packaging. All 10 of 10 sprouted and have given me high quality meds now for over a year. Expect to pay in the range of $200-300 for femenized 10 packs.

  6. Overall Rating 55555
    Speed of delivery 55555
    Communication 55555
    Stealth Packaging 55555
    Price 55555
    Germination Rates 55555

    bought DP Mazar from them once.. they are friendly and will give advice etc.. 10/10 germination and in original packaging.. no complaints

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Overall Rating
Speed of delivery
Stealth Packaging
Germination Rates