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Seedbay Review

Seedbay Review
Seedbay Review



Thank you for taking the time to visit Seedbay. We have put a great amount of effort into ensuring that our Buyers and Sellers alike have a venue to list items and find the best deals on the net. Buyers will find a simple, one page registration process that takes only a minute to sign up. take advantage of all the other FREE features that registering has to offer. And perhaps the best feature of all…

Registration at Seedbay is FREE!!!

Visit Seed Bay

Seedbay My Account” pages allow you to edit your account settings any time you wish…day or night.
“Listing Favorites” allows you to keep a list of your “Listings to Watch”. Add as many listings to your list as you wish and delete them any time within your personal account pages.
“Advanced Search” page allows you to narrow your search or expand your search to meet your exact specifications.

“Seller’s Other Listings” link is conveniently located on the ad display page for you to view all of a particular seller’s listings that are currently active on the site.
“Tell-a-Friend” link on each listing display page allows you to quickly send an listing’s details to a friend using the site’s messaging system. No need for email!
“Browse by thumbnails” allows you to browse the site previewing thumbnail images of listings without having to first click through to the listing details page.

All those wishing to become an auction seller must contact Seedbay privately by email ‘prior’ to any auctions being listed in order to work out various details pertaining to your Seedbay account and to become authorized as a Seedbay seller.

You must first become an authorized Seedbay Seller before you can place an auction.

How to sell: (Once authorized as a seller)

The seeds/items must be sent to Seedbay before your auction will be activated to run on the site. Your auction will run for however long you selected when making your listing. When the Auction or Buy Now has ended, 50% will be subtracted from the final price for Seedbay operating expenses and 50% of the final price will be for the seller. The items will then be sent to the auction winner once they have made payment.

In the event your auctions are not bid on, or, the winner does not pay, you can relist your item as many times as you wish on Seedbay with no additional listing charges. Sellers accounts are reconciled quarterly.

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3/5 (2)
3/5 (2)
3/5 (2)
3/5 (2)

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18 thoughts on “Seedbay Review”

  1. great service but have the worst quality control and they sell whatever junk anybody wants to put up for action wheather you are a scammer or legit. I ordered some deep chunk X bubba kush from a member named whiskeytango 420 and the seeds were total junk. Seeds look a 1000 years old, most seeds were split and looked like they had been previously germed and then dried (all but 1 were split open) a total waste of my hard earned cash. Out of ten seeds there was 1 that was viable and I was so pissed I threw that one away was probably a male anyway. I have been a loyal customer but will do all my auction buying from as they have better quality control and way better genetics from reputable breeders.

  2. These guys are true to their word and aren’t out to get you.. it’s best to send payments with tracking due to the shady UK postal system. It would be nice if seedbay offered their shipping with tracking as well, but at this time they do not. It usually gets their pretty fast though.

  3. My exxperience was very positive overall, I bought from a reputable breeder and received my order within a week from overseas…not bad at all for only 5 bucks shipping charge too!

    Excellent overall, glad they’re out there, I’ll be sure to use them again.

  4. there was a mistake with my order but i am more than pleased with how they corrected it!

    i will definitely order from seedbay again.

  5. well, my first order went fine, then after that i ordered some VERY expensive seeds and found out later in the forums this crap was like 6 years old, no wonder 0/10 germed while some fresh ones beside them froma friend were 9/10.

    Its as sleazy as it gets to sell seeds that are as old as the hills,for top dollar. Also, they get an F for ZERO communications returned except 1 rude, snappy 4 word remark – once.

    People get into a hype mode and impulse buy, and suffer later.

  6. This is the same location as the boutique except you have to send a MO. This creates a problem because there is a lot of mail that gets stolen from there because of the large amount of beans they move. I recommend registered mail when sending your MO to prevent theft. There is still a good chance it will make it there in a plain envelope though.

  7. I had a problem with my order. they tell me I have to follow the rules. rules? they are breaking the rules by sending seeds. how can it be rules in this business? its not even legal. I received order and a pack was missing.

  8. this is the best of the best seed site,,

    proven by more people to be the most reliable than any other seedbank,,

    also has more trolls trying to discredit it than any other site,,, but that matters little to all the sites happy customers,,

    check,,, not many unhappy customers on there..

  9. I’ve used seedbay, now, for years.
    Never had a lost order. Always received seeds in timely manner, with freebies. Website support ( is one of the better cannabis related sites on the internet today. Sometimes you have to fight alongside “campers” that constantly ‘refresh’ the site for seeds, which can be frustrating, but, is also a testament to the sites success.
    I can recommend using seedbay. For me, Ive yet to be disappointed to the point of taking my bizz elsewhere.
    Order with confidence.

  10. Again I have to say, as with seed boutique, seedbay has a terribly high rate of mail theft incoming and outgoing. They even have admitted this to me in email.

    It would be very simple and decent to just change one’s address ocasionally if you’re accepting CASH of course it becomes a theft magnet. but they havent changed their address in YEARS and DONT CARE

    ’cause it aint their risk, its yours.

    last but not least, the dredge up things like bannana kush, admiting this 10 pack is 5+ years old and selling the damned thing in a bidding war at $400 while not disclosing the age, when someone else says something, their post gets ERASED. There’s a fundamental moral flaw with people that will sell old crap for these prices and refuse to back up their sale with any kind of replacements.

    Yes, some seeds are freshly bred, but others are years old crap and they know it.

    hype hype hype

    added note: “check ic mag? no unhappy customers there????”

    are you serious? IC MAG is their seed buyer hype brainwashing machine

    you cant tell me you’ve seen umTEEN posts about lost orders in seedbay forum dissapear… POOOF

  11. I have made 7 separate orders ranging from $35 to $400 from Seedbay and they never let me down, even held on to a pack when my cash didn’t arrive in the time alloted (The P.O returned my reg’ letter/cash as it got damaged, all good.) You can trust Gypsy and the Seedbay cats. I wouldn’t go anywhere else – no need.

  12. I remember my first order, brings a tear to my eye.

    Ahh how so much has changed since then.

    I never have to worry if my beans will make it.

    Plus C is the man and has a heart of gold, Stand up guy 100%
    Big up’s and cheers to you Muppet, my praise goes out to you

    Seedbay is the best !!! Love you guys, High74

  13. and are some of the best sites to get your seeds from and many of my close friends have ordered seeds and always got them with extra freebies very quickly from Gypsy and his dedicated helpers. You can 100% trust guys too since they have been in the seed selling business for many years and are located in Europe where seeds are legal anyways. I’m pretty sure they pre-date all these other seedbanks from what I have read.

  14. Hi there,

    I bought cheese marijuana seeds at a few months ago, they asked me to leave a short review here about the seeds. Well, i can say this, the seeds arrived in time, rather quick, i had no problems with germination ( i never have, or i already see it off the seed ) and the plants are still growing at the moment. My previous harvest with those same cheese marijuana seeds did fine and got me the results i expected.

  15. I always send cash wrapped in a magazine page and never had one disappear in 5 years. A lot of people order then claim their cash or m.o. got stolen in the mail when they never sent it to begin with. 100% success rate with over five grand in orders over the last five years. Their customer service is top notch if you are a stand up consumer.

  16. seedbay is the shit. best genetics out there. fuck the haters..







  17. I won there so called auction for 6 seeds at $40. they would not even email me a reply and it has been over 3 weeks since i won auction and still no seeds or replys to my emails will not recommend this site to anyone, even when you ask a question they won’t get back to you RUDE bad customer service , I thought they wanted to grow
    a business this is no way to treat customers YUK!!!! Never going on this again!!!!!.







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