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Shayanashop is one of the world’s foremost online Smart shops. Actively trading worldwide since 2002 we are the public’s most trusted smart shop for all their necessities. Magic mushrooms, cannabis seeds, herbal supplements, ayahuasca, salvia, and many more. Shayana’s Headshop offers a huge selection of psychedelic and smart drugs. As a neocultural icon we provide news, support and trustworthy advice for all the products sold. It is our obligation to make sure that all our clients enjoy their chosen product and in doing precisely this has guaranteed us the quality brand and service we strive to offer. This, in turn, has developed our “The Thumbs Up label” which is Shayana’s way of telling our clients that, after careful and repetitive testing in real live situations, we can vouch for the high quality of this brand, product range or product

These little cannabis seeds may seem small, but they grow up to be a beautiful ganja plant. ShayanaShop have many different strains of marijuana, some are especially for inside growing and others better for outside growing. Most of you probably have some experience with it already, and others are still learning. If you want learn more about how to grow in- or outside, how to smoke it or even how to cook with it, then check out ShayanaShop book section. Even if you don’t like the use of its plant it is still a very nice plant to have in your garden.
There exist 2 major families of cannabis plants.
1 – Cannabis sativa: -Long plant, longer time to finish flowering, will give you a happy euphoric high.
2 – Cannabis indica: This kind is like Skunk or white widow. It is a short strong wide plant, perfect for indoor growing. It will give you a stoned high.
There are also a lot of crossbred strains like Northernlight, X Haze, Haze19, X Skunk, and a lot of other mixed strains crossbred by seed banks who come up with lots of new names.


Magic Mushrooms, Cannabis seeds, Herbal Supplements, Ayahuasca, Salvia, and many more. ShayanaShop Head shop offers a huge selection of psychedelic and smart drugs.

ShayanaShop also have a big range of Pipes, Bongs, Magic Mushrooms, Chillums, Smoking Papers, Grow Nutrients, Sports supplements, Cannabis seeds, herbal xtc, and many other products.
Our stocks are updated continuously. Our site accurately shows you real-time availability for each product. We ship the same or next day, worldwide, fast and discreet!



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  1. i orderd some white widow seeds 2 weeks ago.i sent the money through registerd post and i tracked it all the way to the address shayana shop gave me i still have not recieved my seeds and when i contact them some guy just tells me my order will be sentwhen they recieve my payment when i try to tell him they have already recieved my payment he just tells me they havnt.seems like a big scam to me i used other places without any hassle so mabey stay away from this place unless you want to lose your money like me

  2. Overall Rating 55555
    Speed of delivery 55555
    Communication 55555
    Stealth Packaging 55555
    Price 44444
    Germination Rates Not Rated

    I have been ordering couple of years with them now, without any problems.

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