Herbies Head Shop Review

Herbies Head Shop Review

Herbies Head Shop Review

Herbies Head Shop Review

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Herbies Head Shop home to the worlds largest selection of cannabis seeds, we hope you like it.

We pride ourselves on bringing you the best quality cannabis seeds this December from the world’s most respected cannabis seed producers – all at the lowest on-line prices!

Hide ‘n’ Seed, so how does it work?
At Herbies Head Shop Free Seeds’ are hidden amongst our seeds, you may come across them when adding a pack of seeds to the shopping cart.

You may only have the ‘Free Seed’ when you purchase the actual seed you discovered the ‘Free Seed’ inside. You will be notified you have discovered the ‘Free Seed’ in the Shopping Cart when you have added the original seed(s) to the Shopping Cart (the free seed will also show inside the cart).

Have Fun Playing Hide ‘n’ Seed,

Celebrating over 20 years this December of trading cannabis seeds to the world, our dedicated sales team have developed a broad and detailed knowledge of the seeds industry and are here to help you. Why not call today 19/12/2010? on 01553 767285. Seed orders can also be placed over the phone.

At Herbies Head Shop we consider customer satisfaction and security an absolute priority. To ensure maximum on-line safety, all orders placed today 19/12/2010 will pass through a secure server utilising 256 bit encryption.


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    Kathy February 25, 2011 at 7:56 pm

    I just bought from Herbies Seed Shop. I received my seeds in original packaging from Barneys, DNA,and a few others I cant remember. Anyway, They have a awesome amount of different seed banks with high THC seeds!!!! GREAT SERVICE!!! NO PROBLEM RECEIVING MY PACKAGE , THANK YOU BRAIN AT HERBIES SEED SHOP. I haven’t started germenating yet but will let you know soon. Seeds look great!!!!!

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    potentgrower March 27, 2011 at 11:30 pm

    Ill start by saying i live in the USA an i v orderd from a few seed banks .. like nirvana, attitude, and esc. i have to say that hrbies is by far the best!! the order took 1 week to get to Cali.. when package came it read ( ********) aka **** set.. the seeds were in lil labled baggys stuffed in the **** *** (Shipping method removed admin).. so so very stealth…. no seeds were damaged … i got CaliConnections/ tahoe og-ogeseil-chemvalley …. Barnys farm/tangrang dream-violator kush-vanilla kush-LSD
    g13 labs/pineapple exspress DNA/ catract kush-La women Reserva pirvada / purplewreck- headband… and the onle one that did greminated was the purple. will do bussiness agian and agian ..

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    Ricardo Cabeza October 10, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    Ordered on a Thursday received in SW US the next Thursday. Stealth delivery excellent. When I went to order most items were listed as out of stock. Emailed Herbies to see when stock would be replenished, received email response within 12 hours. Received tracking number and was able to track package all the way to the door. Received order and freebies. They even added an unlisted freebie to the order. Ordered 8 beans and received six free. Excellent communication, easy pay systems, speedy deliver. Price is slightly below other seed banks on most items. Herbies has a couple of different sites. It you want autoflowering seeds this site has the most comprehensive selection. I will use Herbie’s again with great confidence. Everyone should add to their trusted seed bank list.

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    Smokkinfarmer October 28, 2011 at 11:20 am

    Super stealth delivery to Midwest, USA. Very fast, had it in 9 days flat. Prices are very competitively priced. Best Stealth delivery I have seen & I had a fairly large order ($300). Got everything & lots of Freebies. Everything came in Breeder packs even though Stealth. Have almost every seed breeder I have heard of. I will shop again with confidence. Thank You Herbies.

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    420advocatenz December 7, 2011 at 9:15 pm

    ordered on the 2/12/2011 packaged arrived in new zealand on the 8/12/2011 super fast and stealth delivery. and very competitive prices.
    I’ve decided to try out auto flowering seeds will update once harvested
    thanks Herbies headshop

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    Dave b December 29, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    Ordered 3 types of seeds from different breeders seeds were bunk, either old or not stored properly. no love from support. would avoid

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