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Highgrade Seeds Review

Highgrade Seeds Review

Highgrade Seeds Reviews

Highgrade Seeds Review
Highgrade Seeds Review

High Grade Seeds Review




Highgrade Seeds There are many potent strains of marijuana on the market today. Never before has there been so much selection available to growers of worthy genetics to choose from. This was a result of cross breeding of one strain with another to produce new strains. It seemed however that yield and potency were inversely related in marijuana: the potent strains were often smaller plants with smaller yields while the large yielders often produced inferior weed.

At HIGHGRADE SEEDS we have developed Best Quality Marijuana Seeds that combine eye popping yields with potency that will make any die hard pot smoker jump with glee! These strains have been named “super strains” and they are available for sale on this website!

When grown properly you can expect these Highgrade Seeds super strains to double or triple your current yield while providing exceptional quality highs ranging from numbing body stone to soaring & euphoric.

And if you like great taste in your bud our strains will not disappoint. All Highgrade Seeds will yield great tasting smoke with strong spicy/earthy/fruity elements. The result is a very pleasant smoking experience.


There are several methods with which you can germinate your seeds successfully. The main principle to understand during germination is the seed is looking for a constant moist dark environment around 90F. Seeds can be placed between folded, wet paper towels that are kept moist and warm in an area between 90F-95F degrees, such as on the top of the refrigerator. After a period of 48 to 72 hours the vast majority of viable seeds will crack open with a white root tip emerging. Allow the taproots to grow out for a day or so longer until they are over 1/2 inch long. At this point, the seed is gently placed in the growing medium with the root tip pointed downward.


If you have never planted a seed before and don’t want to risk screwing up your prized seeds, then the most idiot-proof method is to use a propagation tray with a heating mat underneath and plastic dome on top to start your seeds in. Propagation mats were designed to provide a constant temperature & moisture to the soil. They can be purchased at most nurseries or through EBAY for about $35. Simply place your soil in the small plastic containers it comes with (you can have 72 plants germinating at once), place about 1/8 cup of distilled water on the bottom of the mat, place humidity dome on and plug it in. Simply make a small hole in the soil about 1/4 inch deep, drop the seed in, cover with a little bit of dirt and replace humidity dome. Most viable seeds germinate within the week.


Highgrade Seeds review


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  1. These guys are total scammers and karma will eventually catch up with them. I ordered a couple packs of Kona Gold beans and all I got was frustration. Stay clear and far away from these guys unless you like pissing away your money.

  2. worst of the worst.
    garbage genetics.
    everything arrived in a timely manner.
    everything geminated, everything grew.
    then i proceeded to waste 3-4 months of time.
    I don’t care about the 5 star reviews, i personally think they’re as bogus as high-grade seeds.
    avoid this one at all costs. waste time and money.
    unfortunately i can’t rate this website – stars

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Highgrade Seeds Review

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