The Original Sensible Seed Company Review

The Original Sensible Seed Company Review

The Original Sensible Seed Company Review

The Original Sensible Seed Company Review

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The Original Sensible Seed Company Review

Original SensibleSeeds We are proud to announce a brand new & exclusive Visa payment system is now in place and helping make your Credit or Debit card payments faster and safer than ever !

And if you’d like to add that extra stealthy feel to your order, you can now also use Prepaid Visa cards.

Paying for your seeds has never been so easy, secure or private. Just another helpful improvement from the Original Sensible.

We recommend the following Prepaid Cards :

The Original Sensible Seed Company

Delivery to USA/World

We are delighted to reveal the resurrection of (now Original) Sensible Seeds! OSSC, Sensible Seeds was first established 1992 in Newport, South Wales, UK and was a pioneering business in hybrid seeds and the utilization of hydroponic systems which at that time were just offered in Amsterdam. They were strongly included in the creation of the Skunk family, but in the late 1990s they closed doors – however they never really stop cannabis breeding and were far from slipping into oblivion. And now they are back under a brand-new name! Original Sensible Seeds is now found in warm Spain and provides a variety of refined marijuana seeds – and we are sure that you will discover the right one to fit your specific requirements.

The Original Sensible Seed Company is not the biggest seed bank but they are the oldest and most trusted in the world. We rate them number one based primarily on having the best price, consistency of customer service and availability of stock for the strains we recommend. They offer stealth packaging to the US which means the seeds are shipped along with a gift such as a t-shirt. They also offer the best quality seeds and gifts as freebies with each order.

  • Price: Excellent
  • Original Breeder’s Packaging: Yes
  • Delivery: Guaranteed,Discreet,Stealth
  • Freebies: Best
  • Years in Business: 20


The Original Sensible Seed Company Sensible Seeds and Sensible Light Equipment were established in South Wales in 1992. At the time, hybrid seeds and early hydroponic equipment was only available in Amsterdam. We were thrilled by what we saw emerging there and determined to take it back to the UK with us.

Within a short time our work on the lead-in, hybrid (Skunk) generation of cannabis seeds and the arising Hydroponic technique of plant cultivation indicated that the quality of products and the effectiveness of the devices that we were producing was ground breaking at the time.

The Original Sensible Seed Company Now re-opened and based in Spain, we trade as The Original Sensible Seed Company as during our absence, the Sensible Seeds name was adopted by another person.

By the mid 90’s The Original Sensible Seed Company were extensively included in many Hemp society magazines and papers and boasted thousands of consumers Worldwide from Lords, Ladies and high faluting specialists to the average Joe with some area to grow.

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  1. Reply
    Millie August 8, 2015 at 2:25 pm

    The only positive I can give is the speed of delivery and a decent packaging job. I mailed an order form with cash enclosed and received my order in a few weeks.
    However the quality of the products received is the worst I have ever experienced.
    This was my first time buying from OSSC, so I placed a small trial order. Only 1 of 5 succesfully germinated, and it happened to be the only single item that came in original breeder pack. Immediately I could tell it was a defective seedling. I suspect these were expired or were not stored in the correct temperature and humidity as it took too long for the 1 to germ..







  2. Reply
    MarWan June 10, 2015 at 11:26 am

    worst company ever, they will steal your money and send you nothing.

  3. Reply
    DeeWeed34 May 27, 2015 at 8:50 pm

    HUGE UPDATE ALSO: I also received my manila envelope from OSSC, no green tape as well, no threats about it being illegal in the U.S., nothing, just one piece of paper telling me it was confiscated at JFK due to lack of some sort of certificate. I contacted OSSC, they had me email them a copy of paper and envelope, which I did not have envelope anymore. So they said they would give me a $66.00 credit on my $150 order that never made it. I am required to pay shipping though of like roughly $7. So figured I would do it to get a few seeds anyways, if it ever made it to me, but SURPRISE, the company is not accepting any three forms of payment I tried. They are scammers. The only way to save other people from losing money is to spread the word everywhere we can about this company. It would not affect that company one bit to offer to resend the entire order, lots of reputable seed companies do. And that’s it right there…they are not reputable!

    • Reply
      GanjaGal May 28, 2015 at 1:52 am

      HOLY CRAP !! I ALSO got the SAME letter. NOT from Customs, no threats etc, noting stating its illegal. But but seeds were gone and it didnt look opened either. I was confused. SO, they gave ME half credit on my 200 dollar order. LO AND BEHOLD SUDDENLY not ONE of my cards will work to as I too wanted to get SOMETHING out of the whole mess. I have tried a Visa and 2 other cards. Nothing works. I am really think they are cheating us folks here in USA. Man, it took my a long time to save up enough .

  4. Reply
    kor420 May 27, 2015 at 6:45 pm

    HUGE UPDATE: Received the package. Inside the package was a “love letter” stating the seeds were intercepted at INT JFK. But something seemed odd because the package didn’t seemed open. No green tape, nothing. So i decided to call the number and oh boy did i receive a huge surprise… They have NO RECORD OF CONFISCATION!


  5. Reply
    Issaiah Sosa May 23, 2015 at 9:05 pm

    Best Seeds Company out there felt with all other companies none like OSC plus they have the best freebies.!! Every seed I’ve gotten germinated and sprouted faster than expected.

  6. Reply
    425alwayslate May 9, 2015 at 1:59 am

    9 days – Spain to the UK – ordered 3- got six (3 free) didnt check spam -thought they had not communicated anything. OK service

  7. Reply
    DeeWeed34 May 7, 2015 at 7:11 am

    Kor420, please let me know if you figure out a way to resolve this. I have been waiting over two months for my order worth about $150. They WILL NOT give refunds because they think they have us by the balls, but my payment was made by Visa and international or not, THIS IS FRAUD! I have already checked with Visa and they can file a fraud alert, but I am waiting a bit longer to see if they make this right. So far, only offered $16 credit towards another purchase…yeah right. Keep me informed, please.

  8. Reply
    DeeWeed34 May 4, 2015 at 10:03 am

    I think you may be on to something. I have seen so many complaints from their customers getting ripped off (including me), maybe they are going to pull that famous US trick, scam people out of their money, then change company name. Regardless of what they are doing, they are scam artists and I can’t for the life of me figure out how they have all these stars…unless this site is giving them all those stars because they are a sponsor…hmmmm.


    DeeWeed34 this site is one of the few review sites on the web which cant be bought,

    Best Seed Bank differs from the other seed bank review sites. Seed Banks can’t pay to get a good review here. We believe the obvious way to select a new Seed Bank to buy from is to research them first, beginning with what their customers are saying. All Best Seed Bank reviews are submitted by our visitors, exactly like you, who want to share their experience. You get the good as well as the bad experiences to help you make your own decision.

    the reviews are ranked automatically based on the number of reviews and the how high the rating. This ensures that a single 5 star review cannot rank higher than for example 100, 4 star reviews.

    I hope this clears it up for you : )

    Billy Admin

    • Reply
      DeeWeed34 May 7, 2015 at 7:15 am

      Thank you for that Billy. I think that OSSC is going to become a cut-n-run type of company and that look a bad on ANY site that has them listed as “reputable”. But glad to hear they are not rated based on their advertising space or something.

    • Reply
      kor420 May 7, 2015 at 5:11 am

      It’s nearing a week now. No Communication, they wont reply to my tickets. Order still pending, They took my bitcoins and transferred them to another wallet. This is not like them!

      Possibly the start of an exit scam. DO NOT order anything from them until i hear back from them!


      They Replied.. May 3, 2015 12:47:23 AM

      Hi *****

      Please tell us the exact amount that you have sent in BTC so that we can locate your payment and confirm the payment.

      I responded with the total i sent in btc, plus the

      Like wtf do you need the exact amount for? Can you not see how much my order was for? Do you think i was going to send you anymore over the total? Can you not see my btc wallet address in your recent transactions?

      Asked for a refund

      Have not replied back since. order still pending. no refund.

      As much as i have ordered from OSSC, it has never ever taken this long……EVER!

      Still have not heard back may 7th.. Opened another ticket, they deleted it.. I’m going to give them a week (7 days) from right now to refund me. if this doesn’t get resolved in that amount of time, than time to call Dr. Hydra T Brute and Dr. D. Dos.

      UPDATE 2015/05/08 at 6:22 pm

      They replied back that they have not received my payment which is a damn lie!

      They received it on 2015-05-01 03:52:18 at this wallet 1Q1YkAqCG969xZDcru9YZtibQ2TvgW6h4p

      UPDATE 2015/05/10

      Replied back saying they finally located my payment and they updated my order and are now processing for shipment. I have been asking a for a refund everyday. Asked for a refund again, and i bet you anything that they will not refund it and say something like they already shipped my order or something like that.

      • Reply
        DeeWeed34 May 10, 2015 at 9:16 am

        They do not issue refunds under any circumstances, that is how I ended up with a $16 towards a new order when I already paid them $150. Good luck and I hope you get your beans. I just hope your not located in the U.S..

        • GanjaGal May 10, 2015 at 5:16 pm

          I am a elderly patient. I had bought a small order from them last year and it got here , but took 3 weeks when I can get in here to the US in 7-10 from Herbies. Like a idiot, I placed a large order. almost 200 dollars .
          It shipped out a month ago. Tracking says processed through NYC on the 15th of April. That is 25 days ago and there has been NO update on the tracking. I had to save up a long time to get my meds. Now, I dont have any meds OR any money thanks to this terrible company. DO NOT ORDER FROM ORIGINAL SENSIBLE SEEDS ! If you live in the US you WONT get your seeds and they are rip you off your hard earned money. I can tell you how discusted I am. Should have gone to Herbies and I would have had my meds growing by now.

          What would happen if we did a charge back to our debit cards used? I used my real bank card. Could we get in trouble somehow? I saw one person post on another site that OSSC actually tipped off customs about his parcel cause he got pissy with them.

        • DeeWeed34 May 10, 2015 at 8:09 pm

          Sorry to hear you have had the same experience as I and many others with OSSC. Yes, I have heard that this company has tried turning their own USA customers in to customs, but customs don’t do anything. They would have TONS of people to arrest. Well, the shell with them, they can try. BUT…I also pain for my large order with my card that has a Visa logo. Visa does NOT need to know the order was for in order to start a fraud case. AND…Visa is accepted in all countries, there for, fraud is punishable. I am waiting to hear back from Visa as to what my options are and giving OSSC a little more time, which they don’t deserve. My order tracking says it’s been processed through NYC sort facility since March 26th…if that tells you anything.

        • GanjaGal May 11, 2015 at 12:26 am

          I used Mastercard. No idea. My guess is they send the stuff out. But they use SUCH major shitty ways of sending it. Why else can you get a order from EVERY other place in under 2 weeks and yet they just cant seem to get it together. Maybe they just dont care about USA customers at all then. They also must not care about all the unhappy customers. I am right with you on speading the word to never use them. They are just horrible and only pretend to care sending everyone the same damn emails. The 2 tickets I have started so far are IDENTICAL to what they wrote to you. They must just have a form letter to pacify us Yankees.

        • kor420 May 10, 2015 at 4:44 pm

          i’ve ordered from them several times and never had any issues with them arriving to me in the u.s. I didn’t no about the “no-refund” policy though. I can see if the seeds are shipped, but they didn’t start processing my order until yesterday when i placed the order on the 29th, and to top it off, they didn’t respond to my tickets. That is unacceptable imho.

          Regardless of how this experience turned out, if my beans arrive, i’ll continue to do business with them.

          I don’t know why they dont integrate the Blockchain api into their website. If their webmaster doesn’t know how, than they should hire me to do it, heck i’ll work for beans!!! lol

          @Admin…. When are you going to re-open I’m ready to come home!

        • Heath Robinson May 10, 2015 at 6:29 pm

          Hello kor420,
          Sometimes life gets in the way of the best laid plans, HG420 will come back but at this time I dont know the time scale.

          ps good to see you are still keeping on keeping on ; )

          keep it green


  9. Reply
    DeeWeed34 April 28, 2015 at 10:53 am

    I see this company has many good reviews and I am glad it worked out for you. I however, have not had a very good start with OSSC. I placed my order on 2/27/15, spent over $150 and was just waiting to receive that email I was told I would get when seeds were shipped. Waited till 3/7, no email. Started a “ticket” on the companies site which was responded to very quickly (reason for one star), was told product shipped 3/5 and I should allow 7-14 business days….yay. Waited till 3/27, no seeds. I paid all this extra money for stealth shipping and tracking, so what did I do, track the package, could not track…at all! Sent OSSC another message asking why it is saying there is no tracking info and that my package was still in country of origin…WHAT? Contacted company again and was told they were sorry our USPS service is not updated and it should be here any day. So I found someone that told me how to track through country of origin…Spain. According to Spain’s tracking, the package is approved as of 4/3 and I should receive it between 5/1 and 5/10. What a crock of shit! If I don’t receive seeds this week, they better be prepared to issue a refund IMMEDIATELY. I can order through one of my normal companies and receive it WITHIN 2 weeks. I guess this is what I get for trying someplace new. Choice of seeds and price is why they got the other star.

    UPDATE – DO NOT ORDER SEEDS FROM ORIGINAL SENSIBLE SEED COMPANY IF YOU LIVE IN USA. Brief overview, but you can look at my previous comment. Seeds ordered on 2/27, money taken off my pre paid card on 2/27, seeds shipped from company 3/5, I inquired about them and was told 7-14 days, 3/26 contacted them again, they said seeds shipped to my country on 3/5 and should be here any day. 4/3, tired of waiting, never took this long with ANY other company, I asked for refund, was denied. 4/7, contacted Spain’s shipping and emailed USPS, Spain said package was shipped, USPS says still in origin country, contacted OSSC and told them what I was told, they asked how I contacted these shippers, I told them they were the shippers, that they SHOULD know more info than I do, asked for a prompt refund since the seeds were still in their country, they should have no problem canceling, I was denied refund again and told they would be here any day, yeah, ok. 4/10…still no seeds…still in origin country…still no refund. I PLAN TO DRAG THIS COMPANIES NAME ALL OVER THE INTERNET…PEOPLE THAT USE MEDICAL MARIJUANA INSTEAD OF NARCOTIC DRUGS DO NOT HAVE ALL THIS TIME TO GET LIED TO BY A SO CALLED “REPUTABLE” COMPANY FOR NEARLY TWO MONTHS.

    UPDATE– I just don’t understand how this seed bank review site can give this company the rating they do. Oh, unless OSSC is one of their advertisers. CHECK THIS COMPANY OUT GOOD BEFORE YOU BUY. This is the ONLY review site that I can find that has this company listed so highly. The least OSSC can do is change their delivery options and put down that they DO NOT DELIVER TO USA. Their packages never get to the destination. This company has VERY POOR BUSINESS ETHICS. It’s a long read, but I have posted all my correspondence with this company. Now, I have come to the conclusion that I am just out nearly $200. PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BUY FROM OSSC!!!!

    Me: (March 23, 2015) Hello, I placed an order for seeds on 2/27/15. I was told they had shipped just a few days after I placed my order. I have been keeping an eye recently on the tracking because it has been almost 30 days since I placed my order. The tracking is saying the package is still in the origin country waiting shipment. After almost 30 days? Please advise me if this order is going to delivered anytime soon or if I should cancel my order and place it somewhere else. This is the first time I have ordered from your company and this is the longest time I have had to wait for a seed delivery.

    OSSC: (March 23,2015) Hi Deana,
    Thank you for contacting us. It is unfortunate that USPS have not updated their system with your order details.
    Your order was shipped to Spain on the 5th of March to shipping address;
    Although we expect 7-14 working days for delivery after shipping, we ask that you allow USPS 36 working days to deliver your parcel.
    Your order was shipped 11 working days ago. You should receive your order shortly.
    Kind regards
    Original Sensible

    Me: (March 25,2015) Ok, I have found the contact information to track package in Spain. I am being told that the package is being held in Spain and due to ship out to US on May 3, 2015. This is unacceptable and much past the dates you have given me. How long will it take for your company to stop shipment and refund all my money. I have never had to wait this long for a shipment.

    OSSC: (March 25,2015)Hi Deana,
    Thank you for contacting us. It is unfortunate that USPS still have not updated their system with your order details. Your order was shipped from Spain on the 5th of March. Please allow USPS 36 working days to deliver your parcel. Your order was shipped 13 working days ago. You should receive your order shortly.
    Kind regards
    Original Sensible

    Me:(April 6,2015) I have still not received my shipment and am unable to track it, which is what I paid extra for.

    OSSC:(April 6,2015)Hi Deana,
    Thank you for getting back to us.

    I can confirm that USPS have updated your package details as follows:
    Your item has been processed through our sort facility in ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) at 6:06 am on March 26, 2015.

    Although we expect 7-14 working days for delivery after shipping, we ask that you allow USPS 36 working days to deliver your parcel. As your order was posted on the 5th of March it has only been 21 working days since posting.
    You should receive your order shortly.
    Kind regards
    Original Sensible

    Me:(April 17,2015)It has been 36 USPS working days since my order left country of origin. My order is not going to arrive. Please issue me a refund IMMEDIATELY!

    OSSC:(April17,2015)Hi Deana,
    Thank you for contacting us again.
    Unfortunately, it has only been 30 working days since your order was sent. Although we do not guarantee delivery to your location, we always want our customers to be happy. If you still have not received your order in the way it was intended after the 36 working days then please contact us. However, if your order is returned to us we will contact you immediately to arrange reshipment.
    Kind regards
    Original Sensible

    Me:(April 17,2015)In one of the previous messages I received from your company, it stated “allow USPS 36 working days to deliver”. Our United States USPS has working days of Monday through Saturday, so it has been just over 36 days. Please stop making me wait. Just admit something has went wrong and make it right by reshipping my order and fast tracking it, or return my money so I can place my order with my usual company who always gets it here within two weeks. I do not want to start downing your companies name all over the internet, but I will if you guys can not manage to do the right thing. I think you know at this point that I am probably not going to receive my order. Please do the right thing here.

    OSSC:(April17, 2015)Hi Deana,
    We understand your fustratiuon as is ours. Unfortunately, we are unable to help until our 36 working days. If you have still not received your parcel by Monday the 27th of April, please get back to us and we will try to sort something out. Ideally, we also would like your order to reach it´s destination. If however, it is returned to us, we will contact you immediately to arrange redelivery.
    Please keep us informed, we are sure your package will arrive shortly.
    Kind regards
    Original Sensible

    Me:(April 27, 2015)Ok, it is April 27th, the day you have put me off to. I have spoke to USPS customer service, they are unable to locate package. My postal delivery lady, that I have known for years, said she has not seen any type of packages addressed to me, just the usual mail. She said she can bring any packages to my door and I can have them sent back at that time. Please issue a prompt refund and if your package ever does show up, I will have it sent back. I have waited two months now for my order, I do not want to wait another two months for re-shippment. Thank you.

    OSSC:(April 27, 2015)Hi Deana,
    Thank you for contacting us again.
    We understand that you have done all you can to retrieve your parcel. Unfortunately, not all of our customers are as honest as yourself. As such, it is not our policy to refund orders in transit.
    Although we have every faith in the postal system to deliver your parcel, as a gesture of goodwill, we will credit your acccount with 10% for the value of your order. Ideally, we also would like your order to reach it´s destination. If however, it has been declared undeliverable, it will be returned to us. Unfortunately, USPS tend to apply a low level of priority to such returns and sometimes this can take a long time.
    Once we have received the order, we will of course re-ship it to you in full.
    Please keep us informed, we are sure your package will arrive shortly.
    Kind regards
    Original Sensible

    This is where I am left at, with my thumb up my ass. Do you see how many times they told me “it will be there shortly”?

    This company just does not do good business and caused my business stress. I am sure anyone reading this will see my experience with them ALL OVER the internet. Since I don’t have seeds to grow, I have nothing better to do then to spread the word about this company, everywhere and anywhere I can!

  10. Reply
    Gabriel April 20, 2015 at 10:10 pm

    Just got my seeds today :). Cant wait to start. It toke 12 days for my order to arrive. I am very pleased and will order more. I got 2 free feminized auto seeds.

  11. Reply
    alex April 18, 2015 at 12:21 pm



  12. Reply
    Chris April 16, 2015 at 11:22 pm


    I ordered these in the USA, NEVER RECEIVED ANY ORDER UPDATE, NEVER RECEIVED ANY RESPONSE FROM SUPPORT, NEVER RECEIVED ANY SEEDS. I am currently attempting to dispute the charge as they apparently stole my money while delivering no product or contacting me. Too bad.


  13. Reply
    Simon April 16, 2015 at 8:24 am

    I used to use Attitude Seeds, but they seem to have gone to shit..can´t order from their site. A buddy recommended Original Sensible, so I ordered.

    Nicer website to use, probably a better selection that Attitude and a bit cheaper. Order got here in less than 10 days so I´m happy. Plus free seeds to boot, so I´m happy I found these guys.

  14. Reply
    Realtortp April 10, 2015 at 1:30 pm

    STEATH ! Really , 3 orders 2 busted , Wait until you receive your “STEATH” order but instead of seeds there is a note from customs. If you plan on staying beneath the radar you better find another seed company .

  15. Reply
    Z. Cox March 20, 2015 at 6:00 am

    I have purchased from Original Sensible Seed Company on a few occasions. I am always blown away by how quickly and efficiently I receive my product. Seeds look mature and the end result is always worth while. Won’t buy my seeds from anyone else!! Will be back to make another purchase soon! Thanks OSSC!

  16. Reply
    danky dave February 25, 2015 at 2:36 am

    I just received my order and I must say I am very happy with the seeds that I paid for and the free bonus seeds as well. I am putting a couple of them in to germinate and hopefully they pop soon I am going to record the entire grow cycle and post it on line. thank you for the speedy delivery

  17. Reply
    Ralph February 19, 2015 at 1:54 pm

    Nothing but bad comments for Original Sensible Seeds: no response to my emails, they charged nearly 30% value added tax, my seeds were seized and destroyed by the US Department of Agriculture, and despite a guarantee of delivery they won’t respond to emails. The best seed banks I’ve done business with are: Sensible Seeds, MJSeedsCanada and The Single Seed Center.

  18. Reply
    Jhooni February 10, 2015 at 11:24 pm

    Muy buena pagina para comprar semillas , la recomiendo 😉

  19. Reply
    alec January 31, 2015 at 10:42 pm

    Hello, first off I would like to start off by saying that this is my first time buying seeds online and wanted to find the cheapest place with great varieties. This is definitely it. I just ordered 3 Masa Kritica Seeds yesterday and they’re currently processing. It did however freeze my bank card but I googled it and it’s pretty normal people said. But when I made a ticket about it they got back to me within a day. I’m hoping to receive them soon. And when I do, I’ll also be making a growing journal and keep you updated.

    • Reply
      Daniel Johnson March 16, 2015 at 8:04 pm

      Hello Everyone; Been awhile! Thought I would reply on comment; Plus get message out to all of us, DUMPED ON; U.S Citizen’s…I found out the hard way, That on JAN.1ST, the bank’s stopped all of our PrePaid Bank Card’s overseas!! More BULL—-! You can call them as many time’s as you want too; But[ they will] just keep lieing to …That’s what Really Ticked me off!! So I see the GOOD PEOPLE here @ ORIGINAL SENS. SEED’S ARE ON IT! You would be surprised how many Buyer’s & Seller’s have no clue yet; There not gonna tell ya!! I’d just take out what you need for a PRE-PAID Card & leave Account Healthy; Of course,For lyeing to me 3 times; I’M YANKIN MINE!!!Have 3 other Banks anyway!! HA-HA!!

  20. Reply
    yanironetto January 24, 2015 at 5:33 pm

    Good seed bank.
    I made two orders from them,
    and I was fine!
    They have attractive offers!

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