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The Shark Tank a free speech section of Best Seed Bank where you are allowed to vent about anything and everyone.



  1. Does Peak Seeds offer feminized seeds or just regular. Thanks

  2. The calgary medical marijuana website has put ssc on their black list. There also where a lot of troubles with credit card payments. I would recommend shopping elsewhere. A friend of mine used this small new seedbank and was very content.
    http://ilovegrowingmarijuana.com .

  3. Use Gw Genetics they ship fast and very discrete and replace any lost orders instantly they answer mails within 30 mins and always give free seeds and they have most strains available

  4. Really your gonna bitch about 40 bucks! I have ordered from sensible seeds several times and always there it is 7-10 days later that is what that extra is about and Im more than happy to spend a lil extra on shippin knowing that in a week my order will be in my mailbox instead of sittin around with my thumb up my ass sending emails beggin or demanding my money back because a month later your order is nowhere to be found! Sensible seeds always delivers unlike a lot of other places. If you have any questions they are quick to help! I would recommend them to anybody. Yes you might spend a lil extra on shipping but in my book it’s well worth it!.

  5. Moved from Sensible Seeds Reviews as reviewer has not tried to purchase from the seed bank. (Billy Admin)
    Though Sensible seeds have a rather large selection of nice strains, there is nothing sensible about their shipping cost. I was going to place an order the order cost was $43.06 for 5 Candy Kush Autos not bad……shipping was $42.98 making total order $86.04. That is ridiculous. When I contacted them about the price of their shipping cost the emailed me a code for 15% of the order cost which still made the order Like $76.00 for 5 auto flower seeds. Buyer beware don’t get pulled in by all the different strains they have unless your ready to pay out your ass for them.

  6. So Pat – Did you get ripped-off from MY website or is this a continued attack? I have worked with AMS for over 7 years – Nobody gets ripped-off at weedsthatplease.com – I know, because I make ALL things right. So you did not buy through me yet you chastise my website in public? People like you are the plague, dissing others who had nothing to do with YOUR loss! I make sure nobody gets taken from my chosen Merchants – So all you had to do was contact me – But you didn’t buy from me or contact me, so I would suggest you make your statements clear and stop this conspiracy thing on my website – Thank you.

  7. D Litt with BCBD is just another FED front. Who do you think runs all these seed banks. I have a clue for you. DEA

  8. JB @ THE SEED DEPOT was a DEA/INTERPOL site. Chuck tried to warn you fool’s long ago.

  9. BCBD These goofs wont jus steal your money but these fucking rats will give your info to the pigs as they threatend to do so to my patients after i told this goof off for not sending me my beans…..LENN D LITT WITH BCBD who is this goof? picking on patients on his keyboard these goof balls wouldnt last a minute out here on westcoast i already offered to meet them anywhere here in vancouver bc we would hang them by there balls these pussies are keyboard gangsters who wont come around cuz the would get fucked like the pussies they are..lol

  10. Moved from Nirvana Seeds

    Where do I return Nirvana seeds?

  11. Just wanted to leave a review for the Best Seed Bank! This site is the very best seedbank review on the internet. Thanks for providing us this venue to get accurate and timely info on this extremely volatile market. Good form Billy!

  12. Moved from Sensible Seeds Reviews as reviewer has not tried to purchase from the seed bank. (Billy Admin)

    These guys are a joke.. they sell “legal” highs and loads of other shit that no-one wants and many would find offensive.. Friends of mine have lost orders and never heard back from the “support” staff and have had to claim their money back. I wouldn’t touch them with a pitch fork…

  13. I never knew there was this muck drama associated with such a peaceful plant we have been so blessed to exist with. I have been an underground grower for 10 years and have met many other underground breeders over the years and never, not one time, can i recall any arguing or drama. Its only when you involve money and politics that people get god complexes. Every breeder contributes to the overall gene pool available some are just better attributers than others. By pointing out questional behavior about others but in other post speak about how you were friends, it incriminates both parties. Please leave drama on the DL people can only take so much before they do something that could affect many people and many families. Let it go and lets all get back to the genetics and patient satisfaction.
    Disclaimer: Fattnsly is a fictitional character and leaves fictitional post.

  14. Moved from Canna Collective Reviews:
    Just another DEA front here folks. We know all about you DJ.

    Moved from Irie vibe seeds Reviews:
    This seed bank should give you an irie vibe. We know what your about jeffman. We have been watching you like your site watches its customers. Just another rat here folks. Stay away from this place if you value your freedom.

    Moved from The Cali Connection Reviews:
    SWERVE is much more than you all know. Just another plant (no pun intended) in the seed biz doing the work of his masters. He is part of the plot to spread hermie genetics.

    (Note From Admin, These posts have been moved to the shark tank as they are not reviews, If you want to leave a bad review about these seed banks services tell us about your experiences ordering from them, cheers Billy)


  16. The DEA has infiltrated the seed industry. They have flooded it with hermie genetics and drama queens like Matthew Riot. Swerve of CC is another DEA front. Good luck finding stable regulars fellow growers. The good old days are gone for most.

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