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The Shark Tank a free speech section of Best Seed Bank where you are allowed to vent about anything and everyone.


  1. man, i hate reading reviews. sometimes i think the customer reviews (the ridiculously good ones) are total bullshit, just affiliates hyping a debating customer like me to buy some shit. i have never bought seeds online, been reviewing for the past 2 days and taking notes. i have noticed that people giving bad reviews all have one thing in common. you all sound like a bunch of fucking haters! first off, all seed banks tell you they’re not responsible for any lost or damaged seeds. your payment option as absolutely your decision. if you send money and it gets jacked, that’s no ones fault. it’s the risk that you’re taking. fuck it’s a BIG GAMBLE and RISK you’re taking on, when you make the order and how you wanna pay for them. i need HELP choosing a good, if not the best seedbank! i only want cash or money order banks. all help will be appreciated!

    for the people complaining about germination too. just remember, that germination success is 50/50, depending on your growing conditions and supplies being used. then most of all, the condition of the seed! why would you plant a seed you know is old or fucked up? idiots!

    • You sound like some kind of idiot. There are reputable seedbank websites all over the web. They are legitimate & send your seeds immediately. If you don’t get your seeds, they will try to help you. Some even guarantee delivery. Buying seeds isn’t a slime ball business anymore, thanks to good breeders & banks. That being said, your attitude about whether you receive what you order is piss poor. Sounds like you expect them to be a rip off. Expect that & that’s what you will get, especially if you order from Amsterdammarijaunaseeds.com, or use WeedsthatPlease.com or MarijuanaSeedBankReview to find a seedbank. They will send you to AMS for a good ripoff. I have ordered seeds for years on the web & have NEVER been rippoff except by AMS. These 3 websites are in cohoots with each other & are a plague on the web. You want seeds?…. AttitudeSeedbank or Marijaunaseeds.NL. will do you just fine. Excellent genetics & one week delivery.

      • So Pat – Did you get ripped-off from MY website or is this a continued attack? I have worked with AMS for over 7 years – Nobody gets ripped-off at weedsthatplease.com – I know, because I make ALL things right. So you did not buy through me yet you chastise my website in public? People like you are the plague, dissing others who had nothing to do with YOUR loss! I make sure nobody gets taken from my chosen Merchants – So all you had to do was contact me – But you didn’t buy from me or contact me, so I would suggest you make your statements clear and stop this conspiracy thing on my website – Thank you.

    • elements, i totally agree with you. its hilarious that people think that they can break a law, ask a company to break a law and then get all shitty when something goes wrong….

      there is some inherent risk in this game and everyone needs to accept that before they place an order online for cannabis seeds.

      If you are ordering within the UK or the rest of europe then the seedbank should be able to guarantee delivery as in most countries seeds are legal but if you are ordering from the US and the seeds get stopped at customs then thats your problem.

      Some seedbanks will do the decent thing and resend the stopped seeds or perhaps a comp package (i have experienced this with dope-seeds.com) but i have heard people threaten to report a seedbank to the FBI for card fraud when their seeds don’t turn up – Brilliant! Break a federal law and then report your crime to the feds…. jesus christ some people are dim….

      anyway, enough of my rant, i would recommend dope-seeds.com

      • Agreed ams r continuing to stuff me around. Dopeseeds in u.k r mint. Answer u quickly. Track your ordered. N get it to u quick n they all pop up (so far) Dopeseeds r cool as. AMS r a bit dodgy. They have my money asked for more. Said they shipped them n did not dope seeds. Number 1

    • hey there i had great luck at buy dutch seeds, fast delivery and i do believe if your order gets lost
      they do replace them. It took 22 days from Holland to Canada on my first order and my 2nd order
      which i ordered a week later then the first came 2 days after the first one arrived, ive heard a lot of bitching but theres more happy people that have dealt there then puissed off ones
      good luck in your quest

    • I have been ordering seeds online since 2009. Every package (7-8) times)i have ordered has made it into the us, unharmed. It’s wise to use multiple/different receiving addresses than the address you’re going to grow at. GOOD Seedbanks are in the business of discreetness, as well as repeat customers. IF Your seeds arrive crushed or damaged, i know for a fact a good chunk of the seed banks will work with you and re send your stuff or work something fair out. Their not “responsible” for damages, but they also care about their customers. The smart people will do enough work so that soon you never have to buy seeds, rather, are working on and growing your own hybrids. I’ve grown lots of strains, and it’s ALL in the genetics. Start with the good stuff, and you’ll end up with the good stuff.

  2. Try attitude, speedy seeds or seed madness all of them have great delivery and stealthy shipping good luck

    • Attitude seed bank has delivered every package i’ve ordered since 2009. around 8 imports to the US total by me. started with a regular strain and a single ghetto 1st generation l90w led ufo. Now i’ve come so far! switched to autos , spent a lot of time researching / developing cultivation techniques (still am) and now NEVER have to order seeds again. with the proper planning you can order your favorite females, and lock down which regular strains you will be able to use as the male breeding stock. Currently i’m working on a 10th Generation Auto that is a cross of a Purple TGA Subcool Strain, and an ultra frosty AK47. I plan on starting my own seedbank around spring for test growers and around fall/winter for public!

  3. Finishing first grow with bagseed, Attempting to locate out essentially the most trusted & discreet seed co. Also what are some good strains to look at?

    I am interested in mazar, white widow, and big bud. Does anyone have experience with these? What kind of buzz do they give, are they easy to grow, and under good conditions what kind of yield could i expect? I know they put this info on seed websites but I would like to hear it from someone who’s not attempting to get in my wallet!!!

    • Mazar is good, high yielding & grows well in hot climates. White widow is a winner too. Big Bud is a large yielder but not as strong as Mazar & White widow. Ice, White Widow Max, and any of the Hazes are excellent. Attitude Seedbank & Marijuanaseeds.NL are good seedbanks. Attitude guarantees delivery. Good luck , Pat

  4. WW is a classic. Excellent substantial. Maybe somewhat more care than a 1st timer can handle.

    I would suggest Nirvana

    Cannabis seeds straight through the breeder/seedbank NIRVANA – Great Good quality Hemp Seed – Indica Sativa Feminized Marijuana seeds.

    good growing

  5. can anyone tell me if ak48 is as good as ak47?

  6. AK 48 by nirvana is a good budget alternative, but if you can afford it go for the AK47 by Serious Seeds.
    good luck.


  7. Let me tell u what kind of person logic is………
    A breeder sent in some highly sought after seeds by members of the farm
    Logic bought all of them and relisted them for auction at 4 times the breeders asking price Logic is a piece of shit that deserves to be run out of the cannabis community

  8. where in toronto are you located??

  9. Thanks for the rating NYCKid 0 i didnt even go over to your site and rate your dumb asses, but guaranteeed karma is gonna hurt you and your brother… what is it…the brothel brothers? Anyway don’t worry there’s gonna be plenty o people to refute your BS ass claim. I’ve got much better shit to do than waste my time with you, Chris.

  10. Matt is a great dude…NYCkid(Brothel Brother #1), is detouring you to come buy bagseed of his site!!Ill vouch for Matt if he dont get you your Order ILL BUY IT FOR YOU!

  11. Damn Chrism gotta suck being a brothel brother, and I’m still not gonna leave a fake comment on your site, so everyone knows everything over there is 100% genUINE!

    Wait…Chris – you came to my site and spent $320 after you ripped me off? That’s funny…I’m adding another lie to your ticket. and fuck YEAH I sent that msg out, With all of the scammers and thieves you’ve got over there like Fagin’s army from Oliver Twist I don’t need those pricks on my site stealing from my members.

  12. The Canna Collective is a one stop shop for quality genetics produced by some of the most talented breeders in the business. The Canna Collective Crew is dedicated to providing the community with top notch service, support and a forum for open communication. Speedy delivery and stealth delivery that sets a new standard. Would recommend the CC to anyone, and will continue to support them well into the future.

  13. F&*k all the rest of the amatuers in the world talking S&^t about this site and the breeders and growers. These are some of the most passionate in the world. Thanks to all who have helped us provide the best medicine possible for our patients.


  15. Green House Seed Company
    Its all hype. Anyone can grow out many of MR Nice seeds & crosses of mr nice, until you find a stellar clone, then bring that to the cup and also bribe your way.

    That says nothing for the beans you’re getting though hey?

    Parentals, especially the best male, is what makes good seeds (females can even just be elites).

    Arjan has lots of money, comes from a rich family, so I dunno why he can’t -in his screwed up thinkin- want to take some pride in his work instead of riding on hype, heavy advertising, everything but good seeds. :(


    I love how at ic mag they allow you to say bad things about all the competition but the only thing thats a NONO is talking about your own experience with a non-delivery from THEM. LOL!

    In fact, not only that, last I was there, the seedboutique forum is closed & locked ….and certain breeder’s names are censored lmao

    you type sannie and it came out ******

    thats when i realized they gear their forums to sell seeds, rather than overgrow which (was) about growing and second, if you wanted to you could order from their seed shop.

    note to Gypse et al: You make enough money, you don’t need to screw people with old garbage that doesnt germinate! You’re as dishonest as you are bald.

    Seed Boutique

    Very censored forum where its A OK to bash the competition, but if you mention your missing order, you get zapped.
    In fact, not only that, last I was there, the seedboutique forum is closed & locked ….and certain breeder’s names are censored lmao

    you type sannie and it comes out ******

    thats when i realized they gear their forums to sell seeds, rather than overgrow which (was) about growing and second, if you wanted to you could order from their seed shop.

    note to Gypse et al: You make enough money, you don’t need to screw people with old garbage that doesnt germinate! You’re as dishonest as you are bald.

  16. your not punk rock

    Riot Seeds

    matthew riot must be bi-polar. making posts under other breeders nicknames trying to bash himself and create his own drama. he has freaked out on every known breeder that he’s dealt with, often times for no reason or based on something that he has completely fabricated in his own mind. he called out my friend Sesh for no reason.. apparently just because Sesh didn’t join his site when invited. Sesh don’t care but i think its bs that Riot did that. he freaked out on APE (a clone vendor) for not answering his emails in a timely fashion. called out OGR claiming he had the Fire OG first LOL, ect, and wanted to fight him LOL. OGR won’t lose a fight to anyone who wears make-up. and he has continually called out every breeder that has tried to keep things cool with him. deal with Riot Seeds at your own risk.. he’s a spaz. i’m not bashing his genetics.. they are not top shelf but they aren’t bad. are they worth the asking price? thats up to you to decide but IMO, NO. look at the pics and decide for yourself. do those pics represent the full potential of his strains. if so, then you be the judge. also $100 for a pack of hermie seeds? no thanks. he is not making reversed s1′s seeds. he is just stressing the plants making them herm out and then selling the seeds as s1′s for $100 a pack, LMFAO. too bad the seed biz is filled with hacks these days. he’s one of the people giving SoCal breeders a bad name, although the newbs seem to be supportive.

    once again,

    $100 dollar hermie seeds.. thats all you need to know, plus the fact that he is a big time drama QUEEN

  17. Everyone knows TK and I had our differences but it would be a lie to say NYCKid doesn’t have access to some of the best genetics in the biz. They have a potential to put out some amazing goodies once everything gets back into action. Good Luck Y’all.

  18. Bank With Beans

    Isnt this the guy who copied f9′d Heaths Blackrose and sold em without permission

    Nice place psssssh

  19. I buy my seeds from the Spanish breeders the last few years. The Dutch scene is all about profits and lots of mediocre strains in recent years. Cannabis cup is a total farce but still idiots actually pay to be a judge then still have to buy the weed they are judging. Hilarious that there are so many gullible people out there.

  20. u can tell most of these Trichome Kings are fake comments posted by the business owners.. check the dates they come back like everyday to post.. they even sound like fake and lazy comments only a schlub would bother posting…

  21. (Originally posted under Trichome Kings.)

    FU brothel brothers is a god damn lier and hater. never brought forth evidence of these claims. i looke dfor proof myself but could find only baseless slander from Riot seeds. trichome seeds has done nothing but go above and beyond in thier customer service. five stars and 2 thumbs up!

  22. (Moved from Riot seeds)
    Matt riot is a hack of a breeder, and I will tell you whatever you want to hear to get what he wants from you. He is a junkie that uses the funds from his over priced seeds to pay for his methadone.
    He admits selection for his “genetics” consists of 1-2 plants, which we all know isnt selection. He doesnt know the slightest thing about breeding cannabis. Most of his crosses are s1s and full of hermi and mutant traits.
    He has no place in this community and his reputation as a con proceeds him. Dont waste your money on his trash.

    Word has it he uses so much Feminizing spray he is starting to grow a vag. I believe as this kid has more mood swings than any female I know. Nothing but drama with this kid, dont get yourself involved with this con artist.

  23. Why in hell are you advertising the biggest ripoff on the web as a good seed site? I thought you were supposed to be helping people. I guess you’re another seedbank review website that is bogus! If you’re NOT bogus…get their advertisement OFF your website. Amsterdammarijunaseeds.com & their affliates are the worst ripoff on the seddbank web. Pass the word, or go down as a worthless website.

    n reply to elements671.

    You sound like some kind of idiot. There are reputable seedbank websites all over the web. They are legitimate & send your seeds immediately. If you don’t get your seeds, they will try to help you. Some even guarantee delivery. Buying seeds isn’t a slime ball business anymore, thanks to good breeders & banks. That being said, your attitude about whether you receive what you order is piss poor. Sounds like you expect them to be a rip off. Expect that & that’s what you will get, especially if you order from Amsterdammarijaunaseeds.com, or use WeedsthatPlease.com or MarijuanaSeedBankReview to find a seedbank. They will send you to AMS for a good ripoff. I have ordered seeds for years on the web & have NEVER been rippoff except by AMS. These 3 websites are in cohoots with each other & are a plague on the web. You want seeds?…. AttitudeSeedbank or Marijaunaseeds.NL. will do you just fine. Excellent genetics & one week delivery.

    In reply to Phil Deeze.

    Mazar is good, high yielding & grows well in hot climates. White widow is a winner too. Big Bud is a large yielder but not as strong as Mazar & White widow. Ice, White Widow Max, and any of the Hazes are excellent. Attitude Seedbank & Marijuanaseeds.NL are good seedbanks. Attitude guarantees delivery. Good luck Pat

  24. In reply to RobotDinosaur. BC Bud Depo

    Try going to there forums and post in the order inquiries i’ll bet you get taken care of right.

  25. In response to Therealdeal Riot seed Reviews

    I dont like to respond to BS, but tell the real story – sent Dec 30th the money – it’s 19 days and it hasnt arrived from the UK, anyone surprised? Use some common sense and check your delivery confrimation, guy. I even offered to send you and your irish buddies some free seeds since you were the first people to order from Ireland. All you’re getting now is your returned money order in the envelope you send it in so you can check the post marks. Luckily I kept all the emails so anyone who has any questions about this order I can fwd em to ya so you can see the dates.. ALl I know is you were TALKING about sending in an order and asking questions about your order on December 30th. I just sent a package to the UK that took 2 months tracked, I have a package from the UK coming that’s taken about 3 months, still isnt here and it’s tracked. Like I said, common sense, buddy. Any other seedbanks or breeders out there watch out for this old skool stoner guy from Ireland, not someone you wanna do business with if you value your reputation at all.

    Matthew Riot

    from XXXXXX
    to riotseedco@gmail.com
    date Thu, Dec 30, 2010 at 5:57 AM
    subject re, big high to all
    signed-by yahoo.co.uk
    Images from this sender are always displayed. Don’t display from now on.
    hide details 12/30/10
    High everybody at Riot seeds, im a member on there forum only new but growing 5 years
    well im looking to buy 3 pkts of seeds , i sent and email thru the site naming 3 strains and replacement strains incase there not instock,now im living in Dublin Ireland no problems shipping to here,oh my username is Old skool stoner same email addy as this,and is it possible to send me a list of what riot seeds are instock,and if ordering 3 pkts whats the shipping costs $7.50, surely not 7.50 per order ?well i await your reply with great anticipation as some all out special strains,thanks and kindest regards,Jason/oss

    • mrs punk rock people only have to google ur name to see thousands of bad comments about ur hermies and the way u rob mmj users hard earned dollars euros pounds,and ur a methadone head ppl avoivd this chancer of a hack breeder yeah ryte,so is thousands of people making this shit up about you i dont bloody think so ,joker

  26. Matt ur such a bullshitter liar and a methadone head lol,loser,u kept my money and said it didnt arrive the creep sends me email saying im matthew im half irish my gf is ben and he/she is 100 % irish just to hook me in,well mrs punk rock dont make me laugh kid you were not about in 78 when the punk scene was thriving ur a junkie loser wanna be,u have a really bad reputation as it is in the mj community worldwide u knobend,theres so much bad stuff about you just google,breeder my ass, hacks with all the work done already, 15 plants to make a selection ha ha,i still have the nasty emails u sent me,nice guy hey,please do not trust this chancer please use Attitude and you have no worries,punk rock sells S1s with hermie traits at rip off prices for 6 seeds budgie seeds,mat karma will catch up maybe not before the people who want you will,thats about it so people read the true comments about this junkie,,oldskool

  27. Matthew Riot gear is way over priced for just chucking pollen on the next best clone. He is not a breeder!! Matt’s just a pollen chucker, anyone can do what he does “Buyers Beware!!”

  28. Has anyone noticed Matthew Riot uses images from the web to describe his strains lol what a tosser.

    Head over to attitude and look at his image for Riot Seeds Fuckberry it is actually Heath Robinsons Black Rose!.

    Look at the image for Riot Seeds Double Black Doja its actually Black Russian the fucking idiot isnt bright enough to realise that posting up other peoples images as your own is the quickest way to be confirmed as a scammer of the worst kind.

    Shame on you Matthew Riot duping medical growers out of their money you pollen chucking scammer.

  29. And another Riot seeds rip off image at Attitude
    Here is riot seeds Blood Rose

    and here is heath robinsons Black rose archived at strainguide from 2008 spot the difference LMFAO


  30. Ha Ha great post Mr Ben if anyone had any doubts about riot seed they sure know now, i wondered how riot seeds could come up with so many killer strains in such a short time

    Now we know, at best he is a pollen chucker at worst he is scamming the canna community with knock offs using other growers pictures

  31. In Response To Amsterdam Marijuana seeds

    billkid AMS is not a seed bank! we did alot of work checking out that site and all the seed bank sites that lead you to that site you know like bc bud last year they claimed to have a strain that had 47% THC called elephant bud when he closed that site it had a place that led you to AMS like about 15 other sites there is about 15 differant guys that work together they all have there own fake seed bank sites that led you to one and thats AMS and i think billkid mite be one of them unless he’s a dumb ass! the heat was on, and bc bud closed up shop and said they would be back for the next grow season, well they never opened up don’t get me wrong if i had a seed bank i’d let that dude set up me a web site i mean hell did u see his site it drawed u in, ya, into a bunch of shit! everone needs to pass this on to every fourm you get on and don’t order seed from anyone unless there reveiws are atlest 97%on to the good we did alot of detective work just look at the reveiws for attitude,gypsy nirvana ,bc seed king and bud depot they have 10 times more good than bad reveiws me and a couple buds drew straws to see who we had to order from ,and i got gypsy nirvana and orderd 5 BW SEEDS AND GOT 5 BLUE SATTELITE2.2 they all popped and the BW look all the same ,and so do the BS2.2 my bud that got bud depot had two that did’nt germ out of all that he got my other 2 buds got theres two but don’t have the space to grow ,but bcseedking got in the fastest at 4 days and gypsy 7 the other two took a little over a week by the way we orderd from the eaSt coast US close to D.C ABOUT 4 HOUR FROM. with that being done all the guy and ladys that don’t no where to order without being ripped at ams theres four legit banks to go through and we did this little experament for all the nervous people afraid of being ripped happy growing and by the way we flushed the test dummys after we done are little test ,but will order more so i will have them when it come legal to grow lol IT WAS A STUPID LITTLE EXPERIMENT BUT ITS TRUE HAPPY GROW

  32. Riot Seeds Sid Vicious is a pic of the Cannabiogen Seeds Sandstorm ; )

  33. Riot Seeds Double Black Doja is a pic from 2006 of a Black Russian! ; )

  34. In reply to Therealdeal. Riot Seeds

    Come on man… We all know that you are OldSkoolStoner that left a good review in the post above. Your emails are posted in Riots Forums for everybody to read the impatience and crazyness that you sent Matt. You flew off the handle because you didnt get your seeds fast enough. You are in another country and I guess you dont get how shipping works internationally. There is no need to come on here and bash Riot and LIE saying that you ordered in November. You posted a great review for Riot 10 days before this one… Its right above this one if anyone wants to read it. I know it is you because you wrote the EXACT same stuff in your crazy emails to Matt. If anyone wants the REAL STORY go to Riot Forums and you can read the saga of emails posted there in the “Bad Girl List” which is right where this lil baby belongs. Go there and read the insane insults this man sent Matt and go see how impatient he really was. PLEASE DO THAT BEFORE YOU BELIEVE WHAT THIS CLOWN WROTE HERE!!!!

    In reply to T. Riot Seeds

    Dude… your order will be shipped from the USA. There is no NL. I am not sure what you are talking about.

  35. It gets better, here is Riot Seeds Double Black Doja

    and from 2006 the same picture


    I would like to know how Matthew Riot managed to breed a identical plant and take a picture of something which was grow 4 and a half years ago???

  36. because he is ripz u fucking idiot matt riot is ripz i know him personally and due to his greedyness im telling u all matt riot is ripz!!!!!!!!! every1 who knows think about it matt riot is ripz

  37. Irievibe seeds

    The site doesnt work and it is untrusted by my web browser. How do you order? I have been looking at mota for sometime and grew his genetics once that were gifted, I know he has good seeds, why can’t he distribute his seeds through someone reputable like attitude seed bank, he is always on these shady budget sites, this one scares me especially, it makes no sense.

  38. In reply to Therealdeal Riot Seeds

    Come on man… We all know that you are OldSkoolStoner that left a good review in the post above. Your emails are posted in Riots Forums for everybody to read the impatience and crazyness that you sent Matt. You flew off the handle because you didnt get your seeds fast enough. You are in another country and I guess you dont get how shipping works internationally. There is no need to come on here and bash Riot and LIE saying that you ordered in November. You posted a great review for Riot 10 days before this one… Its right above this one if anyone wants to read it. I know it is you because you wrote the EXACT same stuff in your crazy emails to Matt. If anyone wants the REAL STORY go to Riot Forums and you can read the saga of emails posted there in the “Bad Girl List” which is right where this lil baby belongs. Go there and read the insane insults this man sent Matt and go see how impatient he really was. PLEASE DO THAT BEFORE YOU BELIEVE WHAT THIS CLOWN WROTE HERE!!!!

  39. In Response To riot seeds

    Where to begin. Lets start here with Therealdeal; AKA: Mr. & Mrs. Budworthy…don;t which one is which b/c I never seen balls on either b/c the cowards have their tails tucked between their legs. You fucked those cuts up, I seen the pics, a simple inexperienced grower could have gotten them to root. What is your breeding experience(s), oh, that Krossed Eyed Kush accidental bullshit ya trying to pass off as some real hard core shit? Get a fuckin life ya commercial growing POS! You give out personal info on people, that right there says you can’t be trusted and that anything you post or comes out your mouth is utter shit.

  40. Well, this is just peachy keen! Is ANYONE else as confused as I am?
    What with false name posting, alledged picture jacking, and outright lies it is impossible for ME to figure out what is going on and who is doing what to who!!!!
    Until this BS gets sorted out, I will confine my seed purchasing from the Attitude.
    I love the cannabis/I hate the drama
    Good luck & good grow…….Burger Boss

  41. c’mon Grape Stomper.. is that really you Keyplay? i doubt it is. Keyplay wouldn’t add to the drama like that. thats probably Riot pretending to be someone else again.. straight up bi-polar.

    if it is you Keyplay.. why are you defending this douche Riot? you are a much better breeder and should get as far away from association with that cry baby pollen chucker as possible. i think you are his only “friend” in the real breeding circles left. that should be enough of a hint for you to ditch that kid.

    run fast Matt.. your bs is catching up to you. don’t take a reputable breeder like Keyplay down with you.

  42. checkout the thread on riot seeds at rollitup

    “Burger Boss,

    you seem to be missing the point, You or I have no way of knowing what the plant looks like that riot seeds is using because he hasn’t shown us! how do you know the mother plant he used is even purple?.

    I gave Matthew some black rose seeds because he told me he was starting up a medical canna collective so naturally I gave him the seeds, if I had known he was going to use them to create crosses to sell then I wouldn’t have give them him.

    The images were used without my permission and there is no information on any of the seedbanks where his seeds are listed or up for sale that the images are of my plants. Unsuspecting buyers would look at the pictures and presume that they were buying the plant in the image description.

    Unfortunately they are buying crosses that may or may not have some Black rose in it.

    so I will say it again

    Riot Seeds Fuckberry it is actually a pic of my Black Rose complete with my watermark! and Riot seeds were calling it Fuckberry

    Riot Seeds Blood Rose again a different pic of my Black Rose complete with my watermark! and Riot seeds were calling it Blood Rose

    Riot Seeds Sid Vicious is a pic of the Cannabiogen Seeds Sandstorm and Riot seeds are calling it Sid Vicious

    Riot Seeds Double Black Doja is a pic from one of my 2006 threads of a Black Russian! and Riot seeds are calling it Double Black Doja

    so if you or Matthew think that showing someone elses strain and renaming it is a good way of creating a good name in the canna community then so be it, but when people who have paid good money grow out these “crosses” and find they are nothing like the description dont say I didnt warn you!

    keep it green


  43. Canna Collective This is my new home. I love these people.
    They know how to run a business. Big ups to all the CC crew
    much respect … HK

  44. In reply to john. Amsterdam Marijuana seeds

    Good, order from them again, you dumbass. You were lucky to receive ANY seeds. Don’t listen to us who have been ripped off by them. They send about one out of 20 orders, the rest they pocket & you can suck the big one if you think you’ll get your seeds.

    In reply to billkid.

    They would give excellent service to SOME to have SOME good reviews, Man. They are a ripoff. They send about one in twenty orders, just so someone can say they received their seeds. Keep buying from them…I could care less. I have better things to do than warn idiots. They are the one & only site to rip me off in 15 years of ordering on the web.

    In reply to billkid.


  45. Anyone who sends Riot Seeds cash or a money order is very naive, at best..

  46. the new potpimp stay away from riot seeds..

  47. Riot seeds is ran by a piece of shit named **** ******. His real name is ***** *****, (names removed by admin)and he’s currently living in San Diego. He got his start by lying to hydroponic companies, saying he wanted to start “trials” for a local San Diego Co-op, using donated hydro equipment. He then turned around and sold the equipment.
    He then created a sob story to scam local growers out of seeds and cuttings, and started what is now known as “riot seeds”. He turned around and sold the very seeds that were donated to him for his own profit.
    As far as Matt as a person? He is a heroin junkie; about 100 pounds over weight, and his girlfriends spreads her asshole for any dude who wants it. He’s very sad most of the time, and he hates life.
    I have all the info you could possibly need on Matt. Home address, grandma’s home address, phone numbers, pictures.
    Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more…

  48. **** ***** (Name removed by admin) AKA LOGIC im sure he works for attitude seed bank????? i just see the video on you tube addtitude tv cannabis cup 2010 day 1…. the guy with shades on hes head. and sounds gay. im pretty sure thats him. hes a known scammer in spain benalmadena.

    i heard adam from attitude seeds is the same logic from thc farmer who has scammed a lot of people.

  49. Riot Seeds
    This dude is a scammer pollen chucker im curios how he’s selling Loompa’s heandband seeds and crosses and doesnt even have the real cut LMAO what a crook.Would rather grow bag seed than buy his garbage again

  50. Bank With Beans

    A friendly helpful site with some great people. Definately not the stuck-up atmosphere found on other sites.

  51. Riot Seeds
    His newest trick to try and save his name is offering free seeds to anyone he finds online who is posting positive feedback of his genetics on any forum. He sent out a pm to all registered users on his site letting them know that. He says if he sees it, or someone shows it to him, he will send you 10 free beans. In the business world that is called a kickback, and it’s not legal either. Sounds like he’s grasping at straws.

    What scares me is that he’s going to give up trying to salvage the name Riot Seeds and he’s going to “reinvent” himself under a new name, and whole new round of people are going to get ripped off.

  52. Bank With Beans






  53. I know for fact that guy is Goya Boyz aka el smokey. He is a member I banned off the forum for trying to sell bagseed plants as real clone only parents. Hes the real scammer. If he will just step up and say its him I will expose his ass for harrasing me. I know for fact it is him because of the words this guy used. This guy is claiming stuff that he cant prove. All my plants/cuts are legit. And its like this.. I dont care if anyone comes to BWB . Im not in this to get rich or make tons of seeds. I just make seeds to share and sometimes people donate small costs for beans. If your talking shit about BWB then u obviously have issues.

    Bottom line is .. BWB is not going anywhere and you can hate on us till your fingers hurt. But my real members know what I am all about. Only one person could talk so bad about me or my site and talk that way. And we all know its you Goya.. Why are you harrasing me? I have never scammed no one or lied to anyone. You on the other hand are acting like a snake. If i were u I would shut the fuck up real fast !!! Remember I know you! You threatened me last time and I will not take threats again from you. Leave me alone please.. I just want to live my life. I live my life thru god and you hating on me makes you look evil. Please leave me alone!

  54. Goya you are a piece of work, very good at posting up lists of your work but no pictures and no replies to questions you were asked.Jog on ,you got what you deserved.Genuine people are welcome at BWB which explains why you are not there.Smoke is honest and genuine a rarity in this business.

  55. i have ordered from BWB twice and really happy with the service i ordered what i wanted and got free ones as well all of them are healthy and intact real quick service i will be using BWB again Thanks Sm0ke you are a top breeder with solid genetics !!

  56. Alright I could care less about blowing up somones reputation or hurting it….

    this is my honest experience with smoke and it has been pleasant. I just got done ordering Sour Taho OG, Along with Double Purp Doja, & krazy kush along with some others for a KILLER deal.. For strains that don’t come by easy I got an amazing deal. Pretty surreal. Placed my order on monday got my beans on thursday!SUPER FAST, SUPER STEALTH SHIPPING. I mean honestly…that up there is the only neg. comment about BWB. and it was somone being butthurt over getting called out.

    After my experience with Smoke I will gladly give you business and recommend your site to all my buddies. easy and simple…thats all we growers want.
    just check it out for your self.

  57. I just want to clear a few things up since its a new day and time. 1st I want to say I am not a perfect human at all. And when ever I lose a friend it hurts. So going thru all this bs last year with certain people really made me rethink what it is I am doing. About a month ago a life changing occurance happened and I had to stop growing and I did. I now have no cuts or any plans on making any more seeds for at least 3-5 months. The seeds I got now are the only seeds I have.. Btw Krazy Kush is a free genetic I gave away to everyone with a order until im out which im about done. No one can buy Krazy Kush seeds from me , they are not for sale.
    Also I want everyone that likes me or doesnt like me to know I will just fade away from making seeds and growing for a while only because I got a family and they are more important to me then this growing or seeds. So know I am done for now check the forum if u dont believe me its all there. And im not sure if I ever will get to grow again. I dont have the want to anymore after all that is going on. But if I do , I made enough seed to start up fresh whenever I do want to. And that was my goal back when I 1st started making seeds, Just make seeds for myself so when I wanted to grow the same genetic again I could.

    Please everyone lets all get along and try and not kill each other in the mist of all that is going on in the world right now. The little petty shit isnt worth arguing over. And I just recently read a inspiring article about Michelle Rainey from Jef Tek, It came out in Skunk’s recent magazine. Let me quote him ” Quit the infighting, everybody. Quit ripping on this grow technique or that strain – join up,brothers and sisters in arms. It doesnt matter about the clothes you wear; its the size of your heart, not the length of your hair.”

    Please, We need to all come together and just try and get along.

    Till next time…



    Please check my Facebook page “John Steele”: My wall photos (some of which are scans of documents relating to the VSB) should generate some interest.

  59. (Moved from Trichome Kings reviews)

    Do we see a pattern here? Reliable, honorable, stands by their products, ships quickly, safely, covertly. Just make sure to forget all that stupid shit you read above, they are not Brothel Brothers..haters hate, that’s their job. When you have to dig others to elevate yourself, pause, check yourself. Don’t be that person.
    TK1 is a generous, honorable business person. Although, I’ve never met him, I’d gladly go to war with him. I don’t sign on for that lightly.


    has_some_sinse, Cannabis Breeder for Eugenics Genetics.

  60. (In reply to TheChurch. Attitude seed reviews)

    sweet and well said. …the guys throwing names around WTF..

  61. (Moved from Sensi Seeds reviews)
    This place is scamming people now too. If you order a strain that they don’t have seeds of they’ll say, we’ve got them then hybridize the plant quick and send their crap out the door. You don’t end up with the true breed’s that their advertising. It’s a shitty dutch practice that’s catching on because of $$$$$$!!!!..

  62. (In reply to Ripped and Riot Moved from Riot Seeds reviews)

    you want ripped a new one, send some money to Canadian Hemp Co…

  63. (Moved from Dr Greenthumb reviews)

    I agree, I see Dr Greenthumb is busy with his propoganda mill. the internet is littered with this idiot’s self endorsements.

    His seeds are subpar and wildly over-priced. If he spent 1% of the time doing honest breeding work, instead of going around hyping himself up with various identities, his gear might even be worth growing.

    Although his tactics work, people on rollitup actually believe some of his bs identies that agree with each other and manipulated “grow diaries”…

  64. (In reply to Dave Thomas Moved from Bank With Beans reviews)

    The forum is a private/invite forum . You sound like the shady person calling us shady and you havnt even seen the forum or talked to any of us. So go fly a kite hater! If you just want seeds please DO NOT come there. We are not just about seeds. We are a bunch of friendly people who just like to chill. Please stop all the hating. We all got loads of seeds but we could all care less about making a funky dollar off some seed. So these kind of complaints being allowed really doesnt give any company a fair chance.
    If you dont get approved there is a reason. People who are in areas that are same as banned people will not be let in unless referred. People who block there ip will also not be let in. This is to protect all us forums who all work together to protect our members. Hiding your ip on registration usually means your hiding your ip because your a banned member. We/BWB doesnt have to let anyone in. If you dont like it, dont show your ugly face and be like this guy above. He made himself look foolish !..

    • I did not come her to start trouble I gave my honest opinion, like everyone else I also am allowed to express mine. I did not ask for seed to buy or trade or to be given. I wanted information about strains that came from bwb, because a friend of mine got a new job and moved and cannot grow anymore. He gave me his left over seeds and told me were he got them from and told me to go to the site for information about them. I did not hide my address I have no reason to I didn’t “HATE’ on any one I never received anything even saying we can not except you as a member right now. You obviously have problems amongst yourselves.

  65. In reply to Pat Malone. Marijuana Seeds NL

    Pat Malone . Well, we know who you work for. I’ve been growing for over 30 years & if you don’t germinate your seeds, you’re wasting a lot off time & space. Every feminized seed group WILL tell you that not every plant will be a female, you are either very lucky or a lying S.O.B. if you say you never got a male. You act like an expert, but with your comments & replies to people, the company needs to find smarter people to work for them. Besides , I ordered from them last year, almost all MALES, never again.

  66. In reply to riot seeds mia Moved from Riot Seeds reviews

    Fuck you asshole, my stuff’s going great. Maybe it’s your own Karma.

  67. If thats true you master grower show us your grow, point us to a forum where you have these great plants.

    I dont think it will happen because you have been given bird seed you retard,

    riot was on the forums at the and of 2009 asking how to do cuttings and how to pollinate and select plants and now all of a sudden he is a master breeder and has over 100 strains all tested, I dont fucking think so.

    Riot is a scammer who ripped off other breeders by pretending he was going to give the seeds out to medical growers and was only interested in helping sick people, as soon as he got his filthy hands on the freebies the pollen chucking started.

    I feel sorry for you, you you are obviously deluded or thick (possibly both) to believe that riot seeds could possibly breed and test over 100 strains you dumb fuck. No wonder riot seeds had to resort to posting up other breeders pictures and pretend they were his own strains. Get a grip you idiot you have been had but you are too dumb to see it.

  68. In reply to T D SMOKEZ. Attitude Seeds reviews

    that is the problem with the attitude they ship to us original pack to do so they have to make a package that weight more then 20g by international low everything that weight less then 20g do not go in the x ray machine everything that is over 20g go in the x ray machine x ray ruin the seeds and they do not germinate
    a friend of mine from the states ordered from them 40 seeds of next generation i do not remember the stainer name now but none of the seeds germinated
    and he got his original pack he did buy the same strain from cannabis-bud-beans.com he got the seeds not in the original pack but in 2 days they all germinated…

  69. Ok, so why is there a link to canna collective on cannabis buds section of BSB… are these 2 companies really just 1 and trying to scam?

  70. Hi Kizzle,
    No Scam, The links are random based on key words, if you refresh the page the link could be attitude or another different seed bank.

    These links are scattered throughout BSB



  71. In response to Skunkguy (moved from Bank with Beans reviews)

    Skunkguy, you are a liar. There is no member at bwb named skunkguy, never has been. Jerkoff, shut the hell up you troll. Smoke has never done anyone wrong and you frigging know it, must be the new guy he kicked out because he was acting stupid. Makes sense.

  72. Sherlock Holmes

    In reply to Canna Collective.
    I’m not hating man. That just shows the punk kid that you really are by saying that. Everything I said was stating FACTS. That’s not hating.

  73. “Re: Behavioral Problems
    by Matthew_Riot » Sat Jun 04, 2011 3:06 pm

    in fact, I know a few sites where your bitching will be very welcome as all the shitheads that have been banned from here have started a little pow wow. I can direct any of yall to it if ya like =)”

    For one, the forum you are speaking of was around months before yours was. I was not banned from your forum, I ask to leave and have my post removed b/c of your immature punk ass mods and admins(bentripin should hope and pray to God I never come to Colorado). As for starting a pow wow, I went where i felt secure and welcomed. If that makes me a shithead, so be it, but at least anyone who is growing my genetics know they are not some BS.

    “Re: Behavioral Problems
    by Matthew_Riot » Sat Jun 04, 2011 3:06 pm

    in fact, I know a few sites where your bitching will be very welcome as all the shitheads that have been banned from here have started a little pow wow. I can direct any of yall to it if ya like =)

    Re: The Banning and Deleting of post have to Stop
    by Matthew_Riot » Wed May 25, 2011 10:48 pm

    Banning and deleting of threads – lemme let ya know how it goes. Usually people that get their panties in a bucnh pm me or another mod and say TAKE MY POSTS DOWN BLAH BLAH YACKITY SHMACKITY and it gets done. Then they cry because they wish they coulda kept their threads after all.

    Whine whine whine. bitch Bitch Bitch.

    Let me tell you why I’ve been taking leaves of absences lately. I’ve learned as most seed people do over time that people use different forms of blackmail to get free gear. No shit. It’s one of the most twisted things in existence, but it’s how it goes. They demand free seeds in different ways, whether they can’t crack seeds and are newbs and want replacement after replacement of more and more expensive shit (yeah you know who I’m talking abot if you’re reading this) and if you don’t keep giving in they slam you EVERYWHERE you go.

    Then there’s the “best friends” that are your best bud until they suck you clean and dry of free shit then hop to the next forum or breeder.

    Other than that, the only other people being removed from here are people starting shit with other members and being general assholes for the sake of being assholes.

    Now if you go to other websites you’ll see threads disappear all over the place if anything is said about this or that breeders gear. You don’t see that here, everything’s up for everyone to see as long as the people don’t ask for their accounts to be removed or as long as they don’t go out of their way to pick fights with other members *OR* go WAY out of their way to intentionally piss me off by shit talking me elsewhere spreading bullshit just to hear their assholes suck wind.

    Good riddance to crybaby motherfuckers and drama queens.”

    Matt, I never once begged you for beans, in fact, I sent you beans, and allowed you to keep beans that wer enot sold in auction, of which those MSS crosses are doing well for anyone who is or has grown them. You want to call me a crybaby, a motherfucker, a drama queen. For one Matt, I have never been no crybaby. Second, I have never been anyones motherfucker. #rd, I’m no drama queen either. You sent me 3 strains, I sent you what, 4 or 5? If anyone has been bleeding people dry it is you. I had your back, stood up for you, and then you hang me out to dry and allow your BS openly admitting security risk mods dog me? That is you I guess, use people up, make them believ ein you, then stab them in the back. So if anyone is a bitch or crybaby or motherfucker it is you. Trust me Matt, ther eis not one person on your forum or even you i’m afriad of, get it right, b/c I will rec yard stomp anyone you want to send at me, believe that like you believe in God. So stop trying to make everyone out to be wrong, or bad, or against you; you get what you deserve and you definately showed your true character, and your true motives to me. So your punk ass bentripin who openly admitted he is a security risk, can kiss my old white ass, I been growing longer than he has been alive, same goes for you. So get shit right before you go coming at me. Forum grow journals, grower I know personally, and breeders you got over on with your con all show who you really are as a person. I tried to believe in you without researching you, lost good solid friends over standing up for you, and you put a big ole knife in my back. That is Matt Riot people. He can bash my shit, bash me, but one thing I know is true, anyone can search grow journals of my shit and see what he says is not true, even on his very own forum there are people growing my genetics with great success, and no hermies. Friend, I tried to be your friend, but you showed your true colors and your true character to me. I jus thjope more see through the facade you portray.

  74. Man, I thought I was helping people?

    Build a 136 page website about growing weed and it brings out the Haters – Before I did this, I could not find reliable and visual information on growing my own.

    The best you can achieve is to remove as much risk as possible –

    I stand behind weedsthatplease.com with my whole heart – I am easy to reach if you have something to say, say it to me directly, or don’t comment at all – Because we both know – You have a better website.

    Thanks for the opportunity –
    – Woodstuck

  75. In response to Smoke (moved from Bank with Beans reviews)
    I know for a fact that the purple and pink cross was made by goya, who smoke banned after he helped smoke get his site up and off to a good start, then he banned him. Seems smoke has made a name for himself from using everyone’s already proven genetics that people have gifted him, guess you take credit for being the first to make seeds from heath’s black rose. What I don’t understand is in a previous post you stated you were giving up selling seeds and that it would take at least 3 months for you to get back up and running again because you you were having issues and you were afraid you would be turned in. But what gets me is the posts to best seed bank for bank with beans never did and people were stating that they kept receiving seeds from you after you said you were stopping, guess the money comming in from others genetics was to good to pass up I personaly caught a few lies from you in chats hope others don’t get scammed also

    • WOW look who comes out the woodwork again. Goya get a life man. I cant believe you are still bashing me and acting like you really did something to get my site going! I made the site! I created the name. I made the whole forum!!! You did nothing! Ya you were one of the guys I told about my idea 1st and ya I invited friends. But thats it! You did nothing but ride my train and tried to act like a owner so u could make money. I was not down with that. Ya u helped with one bill but after your actions on the forum we all seen you were up to no good. If you want your change back let me know where to send it chump. Btw im legal now!!! So kiss my ass! I dont sell seeds no more. People get my beans from seedbanks now dumbass! Im legit and plan to stay that way!!! Btw I dont make beans no more! And if I ever do make beans they will only be available in seedbanks.

      BWB is closed ! So dont try to sign up!!

  76. If you don’t make seeds anymore how can people get them from seed banks? I don’t understand what you are saying if you don’t make seeds then how can you sell them to seed banks to sell to people? that makes no sense. Nice to hear the words right out of your own mouth tho that you were an illegal grow house selling seeds illegally to people. But guess thats why you had to “quit production”. I know who’s seeds to not buy now.
    Thanks for the information

    • Goya wtf are u talking about.. U grow illegally still and were selling seeds from your little grow house. So wtf?? U make no sense. Why are u talking like a snitch so bad. You act so hard but yet you talk like a snitch . Its like this lilman . You are not shit and no matter what you say here or anywhere things will never change for me.

      What I meant was if I ever sell seeds again they will only be released thru seedbanks.. I dont grow anymore but I am legal now so whenever I do feel like growing I will. But its like this…I dont care what anyone thinks.. Listen to this guy everyone!! Please dont come by and try to buy seeds. We are not about selling seeds!!! Ya I made beans before and if I ever want to I sure as hell know how. But for a fact we are not a seedbank and could care less about selling beans. Most of these guys who posted they got beans from me all got them free anyway. Very few peeps have ever donated for beans. Goya your the biggest baby I have ever met! You make me laugh man…

  77. Master Hobbyist

    Guess Who, you are full of shit! Goya was trading shit for genetics there, making claims of doing this and doing that, it was all BS. He was banned due to complaint son his BS genetics. How can you help a person when you are selling and trading bag seeds and getting real genetics and real cash. Also, who the fuck are you to speak of stuff like this out in the open? Sounds like a snitch move to me. Now we all know you are a snitch, good to know man, real good to know. Anyone who reads this, as you can see, Guess Who is a snitch, and so is Goya. They are both rip ofs and scammers and now snitches. Be very very careful people.

    • Wow I am a snitch because he was stupid enough to put in his post that he is legal now? Wouldn’t that mean before now (meaning in the past) that he was doing it illegally? Not sure about anyone else and don’t care but I live in a legal state and only wish to deal with other legal individuals. Last thing I want is my personal info to go to someone who stands any chance of being arrested for his stupidity, so when he gets busted he can in turn “snitch” so he can get out of trouble.
      it’s only my opinion and I could care less less how you feel about it but it’s a bad way to start a reputable business with a lie even if it is to just say ya I am legal when your not.
      but I bet it’s was to hard to watch legit seed banks make easy money

  78. Anybody get there seeds yet for the PreOrder Raskal Beans?
    He has also been saying to keep sending the cash he will send when the stock comes in. How can anyone be stupid enough to send cash to this guy. Dont worry about the extra money to ship your cash with tracking Im guessing every envelope will make it to him no problem.

  79. anyone sending cash to logic when he has seeds is crazy, but to send logic money when he hasnt even got the seeds is plain stupid, he pockets the money Thc Farmer at the best of times but now he is on his arse I feel a big scam is on the way

  80. Moved from Attitude reviews

    Hey Guys im not dissing Attitude .. But ive been on the majoir forums, THC talk etc – get with it – Attitude OWN these forums and has invested heavily to corner the market. Lets Face it they forums all point to them. They would be Considerd the TESCOS/waalmart of the seed community. As stated in previos posts theyre in it for the money. Ive herad some interesting things on the grape, as to how they run their business. Its the classic bully tactics – monopolise the market and then squash the voice of the people – I wouldnt be suprised if they fiddled with this post. I have orderd a few times but i try to spread the wealth accros all the sites out theer trying to help the community and support the industry. Attitude is not the way forward.

    (moved from Attitude reviews as this is an opinion not a review, Billy admin)

  81. guess I musta missed the free beans you give away even tho I was a member I paid almost 200 bucks for F1 seeds that you made from plants that were gifted to you, sounds like someone was making a lot of money from other’s hard work. How much did you make from the black rose that was gifted to you even tho you weren’t suppose to self it to make seeds but you did and how far did you take it before you decided to work on your own genetics, it woulda been different if you made the seeds just for you but you were selling them to make a profit . So before you can call others out on their faults try not over looking your own.
    A thief is always worried about who is going to steal from him
    A liar always believes someone is lying to them

  82. whats wit this autoflowering i mean what is it and what does it do

  83. keron,

    Most cannabis strains flower when placed into 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness per day,
    Autoflowering means that once the plant has matured it will start to flower regardless of how long the light cycle is, for example you could grow a autoflowering strain under 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness and it will flower.

    hope that helps

  84. Moved from Dr Greenthumb reviews Submitted on 2011/09/28 at 4:38 am


  85. Moved from Canna Collective reviews, Submitted on 2011/10/25 at 11:07 pm

    Hmmmm. No.1 on the list with all positive reviews bar one or two….. First properly negative review and the owner is posting up immediately beneath….. Is Mom cooking fish? Do I smell a rat? Does anybody else think that this might just be rigged by the owner and his sycophants?

    The Attitude sells 100′s of orders per day and they’re 9th. CannaCollective 1st after doing a tiny fraction of the volume that Attitude pushes………. Wake up!

    Download Tor and use it to make multiple positive reviews of your own site. Easy peasy.

  86. @ wudntuliketono Firstly have you been to the site ? If so did you look at the members list because if you have you would seen most of the names of the reviewers here are members of the site.
    Google us then if you have a suspicion about us and you will see that the negative reviews are few and far between. We take this thing seriously and want all people to have a opportunity to obtain the flame. We have had some bumps along the way but we have learned from them and strive to never repeat them
    Have nothing negative to say about attitude I like the bank personally and I hope they have a very prosperous future. But I ask you wudntuliketono why post your accusations without any concrete evidence of your because by doing this makes you seem like some one who is trying to stir the pot(no pun intended)
    You are free to think as you like but if you are looking for a conspiracy I’m sorry to tell you that one will not be found here. We have no intention of ripping our community off. Understand you are looking out for the community but haven’t you considered that maybe that is why we are here too. Take care and be safe Twistedherb

  87. (Moved by Admin from Canna Collective Reviews)
    Not all their seeds are what they say they are don’t trust em!!

  88. (Moved from Nirvana seeds reviews)
    In reply to Grower27.

    What bullshit.

    Nirvana is a terrible seed company. They rip off their customers and ignore e-mails
    What is the deal with all those glowing “reviews” that are posted immediately after anybody posts smack about Nirvana???

    Nirvana is a dishonest company that is run by incompetent liars.

    Nirvana seeds are poor quality too

  89. Does anyone know what has happened to High Life Seeds, other than what it says on here about them stopping trading? I have emailed Graham at High Life but had no response. Thanks

    • Hi Zamzia,

      Graham is on sabbatical, I dont know if he will resume work at Highlife in the future
      but I can tell you he is well but is taking a break.

      Billy (admin)

  90. Moved from The Seed Depo

    Beno say:

    ”Do not use seed depot. Totally agree with CVK above. these guys are total jokes , only been around about 6 months and no idea about industry. Never got seeds, terrible communication. Go with one of the known seedbanks like Attitude, marijuana-seeds.nl etc have ordered from both of them without trouble”

    You lying more than talk, J.B doesn’t make it.
    Plus you are a hypocrite for recommending marijuana-seeds.nl, this site sells seeds of origin unknown with description of the original variety, is pure shit of genetics, but is true they come to your House and you’re happy,really pathetic buy cat for a ride!

    No more nonsense pls

  91. Does anyone know what is wrong with irie vibe seedbanks website?

  92. Moved from Dank House Seeds

    I wonder if this guy is part of the TK crew?

  93. Irie vibe seeds is off review list,did they stop trading?

  94. Can someone tell me if there is more than one Highlife seeds and if so which one is good to buy from?

  95. TRICHOME KINGS are a fed/dea front. A lot of these seed breeders are much more than a scam. scammerrs
    Oink Oink!



    Go follow chuckthapollen’s threads and posts at Roll It Up.

  97. There is more detailed information on how Budzillah figured out what TK aka feds/dea are doing.

    SO FAR they haven’t pulled threads there like RIU and Weed Watch did. Go see chuckthapollens thread at Grass City. RIU is as dirty as WEED WATCH from what I/We have exprienced.

  98. GRASS CITY THEY PULLED ALL OF chuckthapollen’s detailed thread of how he found out how the TRICHOME KINGS was a fed/dea front off of Grass City’s forum! TThey pulled Budzillahs thread off of CaliConnection and RIU.




    It’s because they are all in it together. This is another Sam the Scumbag Skunk man from FLYING DUTCH GENETICS. THEY used this shill to get to Neville. Can you believe they hate the PLANT so bad to send in one of their guys aka Sam the skunk man over to the Netherlands for 15yrs to get Neville and people like Marc Emery. Now we have scumbags like Swerve of CaliConnection playing the Sam the skunkman pig game.

    Don’t ever get under their false sense of security. The only way to know if you have been had by one of the Nazi infiltrators is to do the work and grow out their hermie bred strains.

  99. The feds/dea have a couple good breeders to suck you into. Then they flood the market with shitty genetics/breeders.

    It’s a cycle they keep repeating the ones that know they try to shut up. Is Budzillah affiliated with a breeder like Neville? Or is Budzillah associated with Arjan and the Green House Seeds crew?




  100. Moved from “Submit a Seed Bank”

    After a couple orders were placed with jb @ THE SEED (SNITCH) DEPOT the address used are isow being screened a few packages haven’t showed up even with delivery confirmations. It’s like they just disappear. This has been going on for sometime with no problems until we dealt with jb @tsd.
    After hearing other rumors about THE SEED DEPOT I am beginning to believe them.

    Just another fed/dea run seed bank.

  101. Holy shit! I can’t believe what I am reading here. My partner was watching my house while I was outof town. The chuckthapollen name was gonna be the name of our breeding project. Now I see it plastered all over the fuking internet.

    He used to bitch about TK and said they ripped him off. I tried to tell him to let it go. That its not worth the stress. I can see he didn’t take my advice.


    This is what happens when you take head meds. Stick with the reefer!

    If you can please pull all the posts in chuckthapollen name.

  102. Hey Billy,
    Can you tell me why the reviews I wrote a few days ago
    are no longer there?Both companies had really great
    service.It was for sea of seeds,and sannies seeds.

  103. hi dino, sorry you lost your reviews, the website crashed and the backup was a few days old so anything posted in that time was lost. really sorry about that, if you can be bothered to post them up again I will make sure they are archived.



  104. whats up yall… I was j/w and this is probably a nube question, but why doesn’t everyone just buy feminized seeds if they don’t want any males? Do they have a lower germination rate or something? Or do they just not always have them in the exact strain you want?

    • Hi Griff, Part of the reason is some of the early attempts at making fem seeds had hermaphroditic tendencies, meaning they had a habit of sprouting male flowers which in turn pollinated the plant resulting in lots of unwanted seeds.

      Today the fem seeds available from the main breeders tend to be much better and are fairly reliable, and more and more growers are using feminized seeds.


  105. hey billy, can you please tell me what happened to my seedbank rating ?
    we used to be rated second seedbank on your website, but we’re nowhere to be found right now, i ve had a few customers contact me because they wanted to leave a review for us but couldn t find the seedbank, please let me know what s up

  106. hey billy
    thanks for your answer, we’re not posting anything, we just ask our customers to post up when they buy with us. and leave feedback here.nothing else, anyway thanks for your time

  107. This is ludicrous Billy whizz, jeffman is good people.

  108. DO NOT ORDER FROM SEA OF SEEDS. I ordered 71 GBP worth of beans and they take your money, and Don’t send the beans. Typical scum. Nick and Wes at S.O.S. fucking scumbags. They don’t even return my e-mails. I’m going to London next year, and taking a few of my biker mates to their physical address. Make em eat their teeth. Cocksuckers.

  109. Moved from Canna Collective


    (Note by Admin if you want to leave a negative review please give more information)

  110. The DEA has infiltrated the seed industry. They have flooded it with hermie genetics and drama queens like Matthew Riot. Swerve of CC is another DEA front. Good luck finding stable regulars fellow growers. The good old days are gone for most.


  112. Moved from Canna Collective Reviews:
    Just another DEA front here folks. We know all about you DJ.

    Moved from Irie vibe seeds Reviews:
    This seed bank should give you an irie vibe. We know what your about jeffman. We have been watching you like your site watches its customers. Just another rat here folks. Stay away from this place if you value your freedom.

    Moved from The Cali Connection Reviews:
    SWERVE is much more than you all know. Just another plant (no pun intended) in the seed biz doing the work of his masters. He is part of the plot to spread hermie genetics.

    (Note From Admin, These posts have been moved to the shark tank as they are not reviews, If you want to leave a bad review about these seed banks services tell us about your experiences ordering from them, cheers Billy)

  113. I never knew there was this muck drama associated with such a peaceful plant we have been so blessed to exist with. I have been an underground grower for 10 years and have met many other underground breeders over the years and never, not one time, can i recall any arguing or drama. Its only when you involve money and politics that people get god complexes. Every breeder contributes to the overall gene pool available some are just better attributers than others. By pointing out questional behavior about others but in other post speak about how you were friends, it incriminates both parties. Please leave drama on the DL people can only take so much before they do something that could affect many people and many families. Let it go and lets all get back to the genetics and patient satisfaction.
    Disclaimer: Fattnsly is a fictitional character and leaves fictitional post.

  114. Moved from Sensible Seeds Reviews as reviewer has not tried to purchase from the seed bank. (Billy Admin)

    These guys are a joke.. they sell “legal” highs and loads of other shit that no-one wants and many would find offensive.. Friends of mine have lost orders and never heard back from the “support” staff and have had to claim their money back. I wouldn’t touch them with a pitch fork…

  115. Just wanted to leave a review for the Best Seed Bank! This site is the very best seedbank review on the internet. Thanks for providing us this venue to get accurate and timely info on this extremely volatile market. Good form Billy!

  116. Moved from Nirvana Seeds

    Where do I return Nirvana seeds?

  117. BCBD These goofs wont jus steal your money but these fucking rats will give your info to the pigs as they threatend to do so to my patients after i told this goof off for not sending me my beans…..LENN D LITT WITH BCBD who is this goof? picking on patients on his keyboard these goof balls wouldnt last a minute out here on westcoast i already offered to meet them anywhere here in vancouver bc we would hang them by there balls these pussies are keyboard gangsters who wont come around cuz the would get fucked like the pussies they are..lol

    • D Litt with BCBD is just another FED front. Who do you think runs all these seed banks. I have a clue for you. DEA

  118. JB @ THE SEED DEPOT was a DEA/INTERPOL site. Chuck tried to warn you fool’s long ago.

  119. Moved from Sensible Seeds Reviews as reviewer has not tried to purchase from the seed bank. (Billy Admin)
    Though Sensible seeds have a rather large selection of nice strains, there is nothing sensible about their shipping cost. I was going to place an order the order cost was $43.06 for 5 Candy Kush Autos not bad……shipping was $42.98 making total order $86.04. That is ridiculous. When I contacted them about the price of their shipping cost the emailed me a code for 15% of the order cost which still made the order Like $76.00 for 5 auto flower seeds. Buyer beware don’t get pulled in by all the different strains they have unless your ready to pay out your ass for them.

  120. Really your gonna bitch about 40 bucks! I have ordered from sensible seeds several times and always there it is 7-10 days later that is what that extra is about and Im more than happy to spend a lil extra on shippin knowing that in a week my order will be in my mailbox instead of sittin around with my thumb up my ass sending emails beggin or demanding my money back because a month later your order is nowhere to be found! Sensible seeds always delivers unlike a lot of other places. If you have any questions they are quick to help! I would recommend them to anybody. Yes you might spend a lil extra on shipping but in my book it’s well worth it!.

  121. Use Gw Genetics they ship fast and very discrete and replace any lost orders instantly they answer mails within 30 mins and always give free seeds and they have most strains available

  122. The calgary medical marijuana website has put ssc on their black list. There also where a lot of troubles with credit card payments. I would recommend shopping elsewhere. A friend of mine used this small new seedbank and was very content.
    http://ilovegrowingmarijuana.com .

  123. Does Peak Seeds offer feminized seeds or just regular. Thanks

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