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The Shark Tank a free speech section of Best Seed Bank where you are allowed to vent about anything and everyone.


  1. man, i hate reading reviews. sometimes i think the customer reviews (the ridiculously good ones) are total bullshit, just affiliates hyping a debating customer like me to buy some shit. i have never bought seeds online, been reviewing for the past 2 days and taking notes. i have noticed that people giving bad reviews all have one thing in common. you all sound like a bunch of fucking haters! first off, all seed banks tell you they’re not responsible for any lost or damaged seeds. your payment option as absolutely your decision. if you send money and it gets jacked, that’s no ones fault. it’s the risk that you’re taking. fuck it’s a BIG GAMBLE and RISK you’re taking on, when you make the order and how you wanna pay for them. i need HELP choosing a good, if not the best seedbank! i only want cash or money order banks. all help will be appreciated!

    for the people complaining about germination too. just remember, that germination success is 50/50, depending on your growing conditions and supplies being used. then most of all, the condition of the seed! why would you plant a seed you know is old or fucked up? idiots!

    • You sound like some kind of idiot. There are reputable seedbank websites all over the web. They are legitimate & send your seeds immediately. If you don’t get your seeds, they will try to help you. Some even guarantee delivery. Buying seeds isn’t a slime ball business anymore, thanks to good breeders & banks. That being said, your attitude about whether you receive what you order is piss poor. Sounds like you expect them to be a rip off. Expect that & that’s what you will get, especially if you order from Amsterdammarijaunaseeds.com, or use WeedsthatPlease.com or MarijuanaSeedBankReview to find a seedbank. They will send you to AMS for a good ripoff. I have ordered seeds for years on the web & have NEVER been rippoff except by AMS. These 3 websites are in cohoots with each other & are a plague on the web. You want seeds?…. AttitudeSeedbank or Marijaunaseeds.NL. will do you just fine. Excellent genetics & one week delivery.

      • So Pat – Did you get ripped-off from MY website or is this a continued attack? I have worked with AMS for over 7 years – Nobody gets ripped-off at weedsthatplease.com – I know, because I make ALL things right. So you did not buy through me yet you chastise my website in public? People like you are the plague, dissing others who had nothing to do with YOUR loss! I make sure nobody gets taken from my chosen Merchants – So all you had to do was contact me – But you didn’t buy from me or contact me, so I would suggest you make your statements clear and stop this conspiracy thing on my website – Thank you.

    • elements, i totally agree with you. its hilarious that people think that they can break a law, ask a company to break a law and then get all shitty when something goes wrong….

      there is some inherent risk in this game and everyone needs to accept that before they place an order online for cannabis seeds.

      If you are ordering within the UK or the rest of europe then the seedbank should be able to guarantee delivery as in most countries seeds are legal but if you are ordering from the US and the seeds get stopped at customs then thats your problem.

      Some seedbanks will do the decent thing and resend the stopped seeds or perhaps a comp package (i have experienced this with dope-seeds.com) but i have heard people threaten to report a seedbank to the FBI for card fraud when their seeds don’t turn up – Brilliant! Break a federal law and then report your crime to the feds…. jesus christ some people are dim….

      anyway, enough of my rant, i would recommend dope-seeds.com

      • Agreed ams r continuing to stuff me around. Dopeseeds in u.k r mint. Answer u quickly. Track your ordered. N get it to u quick n they all pop up (so far) Dopeseeds r cool as. AMS r a bit dodgy. They have my money asked for more. Said they shipped them n did not dope seeds. Number 1

    • hey there i had great luck at buy dutch seeds, fast delivery and i do believe if your order gets lost
      they do replace them. It took 22 days from Holland to Canada on my first order and my 2nd order
      which i ordered a week later then the first came 2 days after the first one arrived, ive heard a lot of bitching but theres more happy people that have dealt there then puissed off ones
      good luck in your quest

    • I have been ordering seeds online since 2009. Every package (7-8) times)i have ordered has made it into the us, unharmed. It’s wise to use multiple/different receiving addresses than the address you’re going to grow at. GOOD Seedbanks are in the business of discreetness, as well as repeat customers. IF Your seeds arrive crushed or damaged, i know for a fact a good chunk of the seed banks will work with you and re send your stuff or work something fair out. Their not “responsible” for damages, but they also care about their customers. The smart people will do enough work so that soon you never have to buy seeds, rather, are working on and growing your own hybrids. I’ve grown lots of strains, and it’s ALL in the genetics. Start with the good stuff, and you’ll end up with the good stuff.

  2. Try attitude, speedy seeds or seed madness all of them have great delivery and stealthy shipping good luck

    • Attitude seed bank has delivered every package i’ve ordered since 2009. around 8 imports to the US total by me. started with a regular strain and a single ghetto 1st generation l90w led ufo. Now i’ve come so far! switched to autos , spent a lot of time researching / developing cultivation techniques (still am) and now NEVER have to order seeds again. with the proper planning you can order your favorite females, and lock down which regular strains you will be able to use as the male breeding stock. Currently i’m working on a 10th Generation Auto that is a cross of a Purple TGA Subcool Strain, and an ultra frosty AK47. I plan on starting my own seedbank around spring for test growers and around fall/winter for public!

  3. Finishing first grow with bagseed, Attempting to locate out essentially the most trusted & discreet seed co. Also what are some good strains to look at?

    I am interested in mazar, white widow, and big bud. Does anyone have experience with these? What kind of buzz do they give, are they easy to grow, and under good conditions what kind of yield could i expect? I know they put this info on seed websites but I would like to hear it from someone who’s not attempting to get in my wallet!!!

    • Mazar is good, high yielding & grows well in hot climates. White widow is a winner too. Big Bud is a large yielder but not as strong as Mazar & White widow. Ice, White Widow Max, and any of the Hazes are excellent. Attitude Seedbank & Marijuanaseeds.NL are good seedbanks. Attitude guarantees delivery. Good luck , Pat

  4. WW is a classic. Excellent substantial. Maybe somewhat more care than a 1st timer can handle.

    I would suggest Nirvana

    Cannabis seeds straight through the breeder/seedbank NIRVANA – Great Good quality Hemp Seed – Indica Sativa Feminized Marijuana seeds.

    good growing

  5. can anyone tell me if ak48 is as good as ak47?

  6. AK 48 by nirvana is a good budget alternative, but if you can afford it go for the AK47 by Serious Seeds.
    good luck.


  7. Let me tell u what kind of person logic is………
    A breeder sent in some highly sought after seeds by members of the farm
    Logic bought all of them and relisted them for auction at 4 times the breeders asking price Logic is a piece of shit that deserves to be run out of the cannabis community

  8. where in toronto are you located??

  9. Thanks for the rating NYCKid 0 i didnt even go over to your site and rate your dumb asses, but guaranteeed karma is gonna hurt you and your brother… what is it…the brothel brothers? Anyway don’t worry there’s gonna be plenty o people to refute your BS ass claim. I’ve got much better shit to do than waste my time with you, Chris.

  10. Matt is a great dude…NYCkid(Brothel Brother #1), is detouring you to come buy bagseed of his site!!Ill vouch for Matt if he dont get you your Order ILL BUY IT FOR YOU!

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